If any of these guys need a sitter, call me. ????


We’re all here because we know cats are the most magical creatures on earth. Sorry dog lovers, but nothing compares to furry feline friends who hiss at you one second and nuzzle up to you the next. They’re your purrfect Instagram partner in-crime because no matter what kind of trouble they get into, they’re still goddamn adorable.

While kittens are cute and all, we need to start paying more attention to the older guys (and gals!) simply loving their lives as fat cats. These 10 celebs and their overweight feline counterparts will make you wanna run to the cat shelter to get yourself a rotund cuddle buddy.

1. Kate McKinnon?—?Nino


The “SNL” star calls her 17-pound cat Nino the love of her life.

2. Taylor Swift?—?Meredith Grey

The singer’s Instagram is flooded with pics of her fluffy cats Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson.

3. Ian Somerhalder?—?Moke



4. Katy Perry?—?Kitty Purry


Basically Katy Perry in cat form.

5. Kesha?—?Mr. Peep$ & Mr. Fluffy Pants


The singer/notorious cat lady was handed Mr. Peeps through a car window, and she adopted Mr. Fluffy Pants (the white cat) in 2013. Girl can’t have enough feline friends and we love her for it.

6. Bella Thorne?—?Lola & Louis

The former Disney star recently got a tattoo that says “Wild Kitty” AND has a separate Instagram account for her kitties.

7. Chris Colfer?—?Brian

The “Glee” Star adopted an 8-year-old 20-pound cat in 2012. Brian is married to his former co-star Lea Micehele’s cat, Sheila!

8. Evan Rachel Wood?—?Nicodemus


???? ???? ????

9. Martha Stewart?—?Bartok, Empress Tang, Princess Peony

The Martha Stewart Blog

You can get updates on Martha Stewert’s cats and their adventures on staircases and bathroom tiles on her blog!

10. Cee Lo Green?—?Purrfect


The former “Voice” judge brought his Persian cat on set of the competition series—she even has her own Twitter with over 45,000 followers!

BRB, quitting my job to become a celebrity cat sitter.