This pretty much debunks everything we thought about the new season.

ICYMI, Lady Gaga, aka the most flawless human on earth, dropped her new single “Perfect Illusion” on Sept. 8. It’s raw, honest, extremely catchy and totally on par with the “The Fame Monster”-era Gaga we so dearly missed.

The other amazing thing about the song is that it’s 100 percent fitting for the upcoming season of “American Horror Story,” which obvi, Gaga is starring in. In fact, the song is so perfect, it’s featured in a brand-new season six teaser.


‘American Horror Story’

Not only do the ’80s synth vibes possess a sense of creepiness, but if we take the words “perfect illusion” literally, it could mean that all those disturbing trailers we’ve seen in recent weeks could just be one big piece of bologna.

Show creator Ryan Murphy has been very tight-lipped about what we can expect from the new season—though trailers tease everything from spiders crawling over a mouth to a Demogorgon-like creature to a doll with a blood-stitched mouth that is literally TERRIFYING.

But if this new trailer with Gaga’s song is any indiction, it seems like Murphy and the creators are having the last laugh. It could just be a “perfect illusion” made to eff with us, so we’ll just have to tune in on Sept. 14 for the premiere of “AHS: The Mist” to see what it’s really all about.

For now, let’s just listen to this on repeat.