As in “totally FLAMing hard.”


As if there aren’t enough slang words getting passed around the internet— we’re looking at you, “fleek”—it appears that Kate Dries, a writer for Jezebel, has taken it upon herself to add just one more: FLAM.

FLAM, which is an acronym for Feeling Like A Mom, is pretty self explanatory:

Whenever you catch yourself doing something you could imagine your mom doing—whether that’s laying down watching some boring biopic on Netflix, or snuggling in what Dries refers to as “long dad underwear”—you’re, in effect, FLAMing. Possibly even “hard FLAMing.”

I’m not sure if I, personally, will ever use this word—but it’s still nice to stay in touch with all the hip vernacular that’s out there. Perhaps if the word was FLAD—standing for ‘feeling like a dad’—maybe I would be more inclined to use it conversationally.

After all, I wear velcro shoes, fleece pullovers and spend most of my time in the same spot on the couch—so, yeah, FLAD is pretty much my personal aesthetic.