Sponsored by Victorian Trading Co.

There are people who embrace modernism, with its clean lines, stark white color(less) palette and minimalist aesthetic. Then there are those of us who delight in opulence?—?bookshelves overflowing with well-thumbed volumes; tea cups, the delicate rims of which are soiled with lipstick; thatch-roofed cottages with afternoon sunlight slanting through the window (and spilling its rays over you, sitting nearby wearing a gossamer gown).

I feel you. We all want to live our best Instagram?—?but most of us are on a tight budget that doesn’t allow for replacing the mundane objects of daily life with more elegant, sophisticated versions.

I have the solution. Herewith, the 11 essential products from your new favorite website, Victorian Trading Co. You’re gonna want to bookmark this one, because it has everything you need to live out your inner hopeless romantic’s dreams?—?on a budget.

1. Opulent Hair Ties

Are they fetching bracelets or ties to secure one’s locks? Does it even matter? Bejeweled hair ties look glamorous tucked in your tresses or glinting on your wrist.

2. Optimist-Pessimist Glass

Don’t settle for glassware that merely contains liquids?—?choose tumblers that express your state of mind! We suggest filling this glass above the filigreed line when you’ve safely passed the midweek mark, finally gaining a clear view of Friday.

3. Shower Bonnet

There’s a reason this dainty-fied version of the bathroom staple is called a “bonnet”?—?lined with satin, dotted with rosettes and ringed with ruffles, this is an ultra-feminine version of your everyday shower cap?—?you know, the plastic one you bought in a 3-pack at Walgreens.

4. Maine’s Mermaid Scrimshaw Box

Store your treasures in this nautical case adorned with a siren of the sea. It’s the perfect size for tucking jewelry, bobby pins and your deepest secrets out of sight.

5. Caldecott Fur Muff & Hat

Winter winds may blow, but you’ll weather them in style with a faux fur hat and muff ensemble that’s timeless, glamorous and cozy, to boot. The muff even has a secret pocket for your phone and lipstick. Watch out, Mother Nature: There’s a new ingenue in town.

6. Lefty Mug & Redhead Mug

Whether you’re a left-handed lady or a flame-haired vixen, let the whole office know you’re proud of your uniqueness. The back of the redhead mug reads, “There speaks the passion and the rebellion that go with red hair…your spirit, your courage; the fact that you have a mind of your own.”

7. Peacock’s Plume Calligraphic Pen Set

Correspondence is much more meaningful when it flows from the tip of a classic quill pen, refreshed now and then with a quick dip in an inkwell.

8. Pretty Bird Afternoon Tea Cup & Scone Saucer

This multitasking tea cup rests on a saucer that offers ample room for a scone and berries?—?or, you know, a donut. With sprinkles.

9. “Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails” book

Ever sipped a Satan’s Whiskers? How about a Hanky Panky? Don’t pay up the nose for expensive cocktails at bars. This instructional tome shows you how to easily mix impressive libations from the comfort of your own parlor (you know, that room in your apartment where you watch Netflix).

10. Brush, Comb, and Mirror Set

This ornate vanity set makes the daily act of grooming that much more pleasurable. You’ll feel like a silent-movie screen siren as your pull these styling tools, cast in silver-plated brass, through your tresses.

11. Stationery Sampler

Texting is so this-century. Harken back to a slower, more romantic era?—?when correspondence meant the anticipation of awaiting the postman’s arrival?—?with this lovely stationery collection. This sampler includes 8 distinct designs, each inspired by a 19th-century motif.