That shoebox of ticket stubs? It’s art.

Love, Love Will Tear Us Apart Again
Victoria Lucas and Richard William Wheater, 2011

In relationships, we tend to hold on to things that remind us of our significant other. We save their love letters, the piece of clothing they left at our apartment and any thoughtful gift they gave us during the relationship. After a split, you find yourself wondering, “What the hell do I do with all of this?”

Don’t worry?—?we’ve all been there. You don’t necessarily want to meet up with this person to give them their things back, but you also recognize the sentimental value and refuse to throw the items in the trash.

‘Bachelor In Paradise’

Finally, there’s a place where you can donate all your items and receive the closure you need (or don’t need). The Museum Of Broken Relationships is always accepting donations of relationship memorabilia.

The Museum of Broken Relationships began in 2006 as a traveling exhibit when two artists (and lovers) broke up. The two wondered how they could showcase an emotional collapse and put it into a unique creation. The traveling museum then settled in Zagreb, Croatia in 2010.

After winning the Kenneth Hudson Award for Europe’s most innovative museum in 2011, the museum went international. In 2016, the museum opened a Los Angeles branch and it’s become a hit with guests in the United States.

Guests can see and interact with artifacts of others’ relationships, including a wall of bras, a wedding dress in a jar and a collection of paper cranes. Each exhibit is unique and carries the weight of its own sentimental value.

Since its opening this past June, both patrons and donators have praised the museum for giving them an outlet to deal with their breakups. On the other hand, some people have found the museum to be the perfect location for breaking up with their significant others.

Facebook?—?Museum Of Broken Relationships Los Angeles

What items from your failed relationships would you donate? One thing I’d like to see as an exhibit: the box of chocolates Elle Woods throws at her TV.

‘Legally Blonde’