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There’s never been a better time to be a pet owner. The internet is full of heartwarming stories, great deals on pet care products and clever hacks to help you become the best dog/cat/Komodo dragon parent you can be.

For example, there’s this genius method for getting your dog to stay (relatively) still during a shower:

It’s exactly what it looks like

Just slap some peanut butter on the shower wall and boom, instant distraction.

And just this week, the internet blessed us with yet another foolproof puppy grooming trick.

Twitter user Kendal Peifer tweeted that her dog hates getting his nails clipped. Thanks so some truly outside-the-box thinking, Kendal’s dad devised a brilliant way for making the task easier. He bought a purse, cut four leg-size holes in it, and popped the pup inside. Then, he hung the purse from what looks like one of those pull-up bars that you stretch across a doorway.


Obviously Kendal’s dog is a small breed (a Boston terrier, from the looks of him) so his size makes this method perfectly effective.

Naturally, Twitter loved it. There was lots of appreciation for Kendal’s dad’s solution (and Kendal’s dad):

And, of course, the requisite jokes:


We bow down to the geniuses who come up with this stuff. ?‍♀️