Unleash your inner Michelangelo. On your face.


What’s all that construction noise?! Oh, nothing — it’s just the sound of the latest brow trend bulldozing social media. It’s called the halo brow, and it’s the most recent in a long line of insane eyebrow “looks” that nobody actually wears but everyone actually talks about — on social media, at least.

There’ve been plenty of absurd brow looks before this one, of course. MUAs the world over have already terrorized us with the fishtail brow, the wavy brow, the feather brow, the lightning brow. The variations on reverse-direction eyebrow hairs and manipulation of one’s natural shape are seemingly endless.

And yet the halo brow feels different. It’s the first brow style that doesn’t look like a brow. It doesn’t really resemble hairy Golden Arches (separated by a patch of skin). Instead, it looks more like…a void. An emptiness. A tabula rasa, if you will.

Inspired by the possibilities, we took the liberty of brainstorming some fun things you can do with your new halo brow.

Use it to frame art

Project a movie onto it

Single? Put your phone number where everyone can see it

Serve Halo Top in it

Hold a Nascar race on it

The possibilities are endless!

Illustrations: Ines Vuckovic