Whoever said naps were just for little kids hasn’t lived.

After working hard all week like the badass adult you are, it’s normal to want to have a day where you just chill around your apartment (read: sleeping and watching Netflix). What if we had designated nap times as adults? Would we not be as exhausted during the weekend? Plenty of offices have started implementing nap rooms, but it can still be a little awkward taking a nap in a public space with your colleagues. It just sucks that it’s typically against “office culture” to pull out a pillow and your favorite blanket, taking a full-out power nap at your desk ever day.

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Call your boss and all of your coworkers into the conference room and put this article on the projector because I have the best news about optimizing your workplace productivity. In a recent study conducted by Dr. Sara Medick?—?an assistance professor at the University of California Riverside?—?it’s been proven that napping boosts memory and creativity.

Dr. Medick recruited 81 participants to test creativity via two versions of a Remote Associates Test?—?basically, the group was required to play a game of word association (e.g. throat and spot = sore). Each participant was given a score based on how many of the word association answers they got correct. After the first test, the participants were given clues to the answers for the second test. Next, half of the participants went to take a nap while the other half went to watch a movie.

The second test was just like the first?—?just with different questions. It was concluded that the participants who took naps performed 33% better as opposed to the participants who didn’t get any shuteye, thus proving that taking a mid-day nap could improve your memory and your creativity?—?two dream qualities for any employer.

It’s believed that when you fall asleep after receiving information, your brain still tries to process and remember the information as much as possible, which is probably why the nappers were able to get the answers correct more during the second test.

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Other studies have found that napping also moderates your cravings for junk food and even reduces your anxiety, so grab your pillow and favorite blanket and rest up. Your boss will thank you later.