Because everyone needs a niche dating site?

Crazy people need love, too.

AV Club

In the world of niche internet dating, everyone from farmers only to gluten free singles to mullet lovers has found a way to connect online. Why should paranoid conspiracy theorists be denied true love?

Finally, there is Awake Dating, the first dating site for people who think that the president is a lizard or 9/11 was a total hoax. I know what you’re thinking?—?“Awake dating? Are these wackos also insomniacs?” No. COO Jarrod Fidden defines the term “awake” as “one who…through [their own] research and critical thinking, has woken from the fantastic false dream carefully crafted for the consumer.’” Basically, we’re all sleepwalking through this reptilian-free world and the “awake” folks have the real answers to hard-hitting questions like, is Elvis still alive?

Best of all, Awake Dating allows users to connect with one another based not only on their sexual orientation, but also on their conspiracy of choice. M seeking F who knows the moon landing was a fraud? No problem! Just keep those UFO experts away from JFK assassination truthers.

Not sold yet? Check out their cuckoo bananas commercial:

Call me when they launch “Asleep Dating,” for those of us who just want to nap together.