29 Hella Fly 90s Tattoos Are All That And A Bag Of Chips

So you love the 90s, huh? Enough to permanently ink your body?

Sure, you drank SqueezIts while listening to Spice Girls and applying glitter Lip Smackers. You watched Space Jam while wearing your Jordans. You even had the Princess Diana beanie baby. But how much do you REALLY love the 90s?

These 29 people love the 90s so much, they got their favorite pop culture icons in permanent ink. Don’t forget to pack your Lion King band-aids, because we’re taking you on a wild and crazy ride back to the 90s (on our Razor scooters, obviously).

1. A reminder of all of the life lessons you learned at John Adams High.

2. Buffy slays the tattoo game.

3. Pride Rocky Decision

4. How are you going to pretend you’re engaged with it on your elbow?

5. The Real Michelle & Michelle Tanner

6. No pocket required.

7. Land After Ankle Art

8. The original unhappy family sitcom.

9. Fresh Prince of This Guy’s Freshly Shaven Arm

10. Crashing into OG Playstation.

11. My Little Permanent Mistake

12. You’re too old to lick a wrapper and stick in on your body. If you want a tattoo of a striped bubblegum zebra, you have to sit through two hours of agony.

13. Rocko’s Modern Lifetime Decision

14. Nothing says “tough guy” like a calf tattoo of a gargoyle and Pokemon.

15. Every Elementary School Girl’s Band Name

16. Hasbro Sponsored Ink

17. Must’ve been the cool kid at the roller rink.

18. These things you drew on ever corner of every notebook…

19. Dad of the Year circa 1993.

20. This lava lamp won’t break when you try to shake it.

21. Loser, loser, double loser, as if, whatever, get the picture, duh.

22. The movie you weren’t allowed to watch, but did anyway and it still haunts you.

23. The ultimate 90s BFF statement

24. Mufasa wisdom that applies to the lost heir of the lion kingdom, but also you.

25. I’ll never let go.

26. Cynthia endured a lot. She’s the real OG Yas Queen.

27. OK I was wrong, THIS is the ultimate 90s BFF statement.


28. This Furby that always said, “ah-may koh-koh,” which is furbish for, “The 90s are slammin’.”



29. My greatest hope is that some brave soul sees this and pledges their ultimate 90s allegiance by getting the era’s staple jewelry piece tattooed around their neck.

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