It’s hard to have this conversation. That’s precisely why we must keep talking.

Since news first leaked of Donald Trump boasting about sexually assaulting women, then dismissing it as “locker-room banter,” women have come forward to share their stories. Today Dose is holding a conversation with a diverse group of women who will bravely talk about times they were sexually assaulted or harassed—and they’ll do it in a locker room. We’ll broadcast on Facebook live at 7:30pm EST and we hope you’ll join.

Trump reignited public furor over his misogyny when The Washington Post leaked a 2005 video in which Trump is heard bragging about kissing and groping women without their consent. In the video, Trump claims he can just “Grab them [women] by the pussy.”

Prominent Republicans have criticized Trump and called for him to drop out out the race. But that’s NOT enough—and women know it. So they’ve bravely come forward with stories of their own sexual assaults on Twitter, using the hashtag #NotOkay.

It all started when writer Kelly Oxford shared her own sexual assault story on Twitter and then asked women to “tweet me your first assaults.” Thousands tweeted back.

The stories were painful and horrifying and honest. Some women shared that they hadn’t ever told anyone about the assault. Others created anonymous Twitter accounts in order to talk about it.

But the stories keep coming. Stories of strangers, relatives, friends, teachers. Stories of women young, old, adolescent, pre-pubescent. Of grief, surprise, guilt, shame. Of family members who didn’t believe them. Of being groped, rubbed against, masturbated on, forcibly kissed and worse.

It’s difficult to have this conversation. It’s difficult to read through the thousands of tweets of what happened to these women. But that’s precisely why we must keep talking about it.

We hope you‘ll join the conversation via Facebook live video today at 7:30pm EST.

As Kelly Oxford herself says, it’s important to keep sharing these stories because “we don’t have to carry their shame anymore.”