The only museum to display Blockbuster, Google Glass and Colgate lasagna (seriously).

In this age of carefully curated Instagram pictures and self-congratulatory Facebook posts, it can be easy to feel like a failure. Likes are social currency; science says that spending time on social media can leave users feeling depressed, envious and socially inadequate.

When you’re overcome by these feelings, consider stepping away from the computer and visiting Sweden’s newest museum?—?the Museum of Failure.

Inspired by Los Angeles’ Museum of Broken Relationships, the Museum of Failure will display 60 products that demonstrate the “risky business of innovation.” Conceived by Dr. Samuel West, an organizational psychologist and innovation researcher at Lund University, the museum will open on June 7th in Helsingborg, Sweden.

West tells the New York Times that “literature is obsessively focused on success, but 80 to 90 percent of innovations actually fail. Why don’t these failures get the attention they actually deserve?”

Google Glass is one of the failed products on display at the museum. | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

When collecting items to display in the museum, West characterized the term “failure” as “when a product did not lead to the expected outcome.” Some of the products exhibited will include a Harley Davidson fragrance, Bic pens for women, Coca-Cola BlaK (don’t ask), Google Glass and Segway. Older visitors will appreciate the museum’s tributes to both Betamax tapes and Blockbuster.

Blockbuster went bankrupt in 2010. | Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Per the museum’s website, exhibits will be presented in both Swedish and English and the museum will be free for all visitors. International fans of failure also have the opportunity to check out the underwhelming products?—?nine of the items are currently on tour, making stops in Miami, Berlin, Amsterdam and Istanbul.

West hopes that by demonstrating that even the biggest brands fail, he can inspire people to put aside their own fears and learn something new.

The Museum of Failure

“If you’re developing a new skill, trying to learn a new language or create something new, you’re going to fail,” he says. “Don’t be ashamed of it. Let’s learn from these failures, instead of ignoring them.”

In an effort to make the museum more collaborative, West is crowdsourcing ideas for failure-related events for the museum to host. On the website, he calls for ideas like, “a failed gourmet tasting menu at a fancy restaurant” or “failed brews from regional microbreweries.”

To submit an idea, email the museum at

Don’t worry if your idea doesn’t get selected. After all, what could be more poetic than failing at the Museum of Failure?