As T-Swift says, chokers “are the new flower crowns,” so let’s get on board.

The ’90s have officially been revived in 2016—velvet, slip dresses, overalls, flannel, biker jackets and many more trends that defined the decade have been popping up on the red carpet, the runway and day-to-day celeb street outfits.

Perhaps the most iconic ’90s statement piece that’s made a come back is the choker. You probably recall your stretchy tattoo choker being your go-to accessory when you were young. Just when you thought the choker trend was better left behind with your Troll Dolls and mood rings, chokers have become the latest fashion craze. The once tacky trend is now one of the most sophisticated styles gracing Hollywood.

Here’s how you can give the ’90s comeback style justice.

1. Layer it with other jewelry

Chokers look awesome when they’re stacked with other jewelry. Try incorporating different styles and pops of color like Gigi Hadid in the picture above, or pair a draping necklace for a long, layered look.

2. Go edgy-glam by wearing a choker with a ‘90s-inspired slip dress

The punk-inspired look has become a big trend on Red Carpets, with stars like Gigi and Taylor Swift have been spotted wearing chokers with slip dresses to emulate an “edgy-glam” style.

Whether you go for a subtle statement like Taylor’s, or a more dramatic statement piece like Gigi’s, chokers have the power to pull together a beautiful and badass outfit.

3. Dress up an understated look

Dana Lorenz

“Going out” outfits have become more and more casual now that the “effortless” look is in. Adding a choker to accessorize a simple tank top is a subtly chic way to instantly give personality to your look.

4. Pair it with the athleisure trend

Combining trends can be hit or miss, but if you need any proof that chokers and sweats go together, just look at Bella Hadid. Her black choker matches her sports bra and brings a whole level of elegance and coolness to her sporty look.

5. Wear a ribbon for a beachy look

For a DIY choker, all you need is a ribbon to tie around your neck—simple! It adds a vintage-y boost of style that’s perfect for summer days at the beach.

6. Go for all one color


Black is always a safe bet when you want your choker to match your outfit, but you can also experiment with a monochromatic look by wearing white, navy, dark green, etc.

7. Wear it with deep V-necks, off-the-shoulder or strapless pieces

Splash News

Just call Gigi and Bella the queens of chokers! G’s look is just subtle enough where the choker looks like a cutout, whereas B’s black choker adds an accent to her strapless look.

8. Wear it as a third piece to your outfit


Whether attached to the dress or not, thicker chokers can also serve as a mock cutout to your outfit. Kendall slays this edgy look with a black graphic tree, and her choker adds an unexpected edge to an otherwise tame ensemble.

Here, Selena Gomez’s choker piece is attached to her dress and stands out on its own as a cutout.

9. Add a charm


Cara Delevingne is killing this ’90s look so hard! I wish I had a time machine just so I could wear a similar outfit. She also shows how adding a choker with a sparkly charm becomes the focal point of the outfit. Mix things up by going modern with a jewel, or vintage with a diamond brooch.

10. Experiment with textures

Getty / Getty

From beads to velvet to jewels, there are so many textures to add bedazz to your outfit. You can wear the same material as your outfit, or mix and match different textures to create an offbeat yet stylish look. When it comes to chokers, it’s all about personal preference and the image you want to project.

Let’s all just embrace our inner ’90s goddess 🙌