Too. Many. Feels.


I still remember the first time a movie made me full on sob. I was in kindergarten after school care, waiting for my mom to pick me up when they popped in a VHS copy of “The Fox And The Hound.” By the closing credits, I was an inconsolable puddle of tears. Why couldn’t the fox and the hound just be together? Why was that mean man with the mustache trying to make them hate each other? I think it was the first movie I’d seen, Disney or otherwise, that didn’t have a happy ending. It opened me up to so many new feelings: sadness, hopelessness, righteous indignation.

So, I asked my friends and coworkers about the first movie that brought them to tears. Proceed with caution…unless you have tissues handy.

1. My Dog Skip


“Little Frankie Muniz and that Jack Russell were an extremely heart-wrenching (and emotionally manipulative) combination. I saw it just after my family got a new pup when I was 8. So many feels for a little boy. I cried in the theater.”

2. The Land Before Time


“My mom would turn it on any time I was bad as a kid because she knew it was so sad that it was a punishment.”

3. The NeverEnding Story

Sky Movies

“It wasn’t so much the movie itself that made me cry—I just took the title literally and thought it was really never going to end and I’d be stuck in the TV room forever while my parents ate dinner with their friends.”

4. Big Fish

Sci Fi Now

“The first time I cried during a movie was when I saw ‘Big Fish’ in my high school English class. It’s also the first time I realized that maybe I have daddy issues.”

5. Babe

Movie Fone

That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.

6. Lady And The Tramp

AV Club

“When the terrier gets hit by a car…that opened the floodgates for me. Now I cry at commercials.”

7. Titanic


“I tried not to cry because I was watching it with my family and didn’t want them to think I was a sap, but then I went up to my room and bawled my eyes out.”

8. A Little Princess

Huffington Post

“I thought this was gonna be a fun princess movie but it was dark as fuck. Both her parents die and she becomes a chimney sweep at an orphanage or something.”

9. Bambi

Movie Pilot

“When Bambi’s mom died, I was devastated. I can still remember where I was seated in that theatre.”

10. School Of Rock


“I really thought they weren’t going to get to play in the concert and that made me SO SAD.”

11. The Sound Of Music

“For so many reasons. Especially because Rolf was a Nazi.”

12. My Girl


“Uh, ‘My Girl,’ duh. It still makes me weep.”