This dog hates everything way more than you do.

Pessimists are often shamed for seeing the darker side of everything. It can be hard to feel like anything other than the freak in the corner when you’re surrounded by your happy-go-lucky peers, unless you find your tribe of darkness. There might never be a human that understands your penchant for negativity, but there’s a dog out there who does.

If you often see the glass as half empty, Gizmo the Brussels Griffon might just be your soul twin. The similarities between you and this Instagram famous pup will bring some joy to your dark heart. Here are a few situations that you and the little derp probably have the same reactions to.

1. Gizmo also has a hard time waking up on Monday mornings

Ugh, the worst day of the week is back again.

2. He knows that an empty coffee cup is just unacceptable

3. Barista pronounce your name wrong at Starbucks again? The Giz gets it

This is nonsense.

4.Gizmo has also put himself through the torture of a juice cleanse

5. He’s happiest when he leaves work on a Friday afternoon too

6. It’s his party and Gizmo will pout if he wants to

7. But, he has a hard time hiding his joy when a party is lit

8. His post-turn up outfit is very similar to yours

9. The Giz totally understands what it’s like to bail on plans in favor of turning into a burrito.

What can we say? He’s an introvert.

10. He knows the heartbreak of watching an especially upsetting episode of “Game of Thrones”


11. He hates being told that he should really be making healthier choices

He’ll do it, but he’s not happy about it.

12. But he knows what it’s like when summer arrives, but your summer body does not

Fuck that juice cleanse.

13. Just when Gizmo starts to relax he remembers the heavy burden of existence that he carries

We’ve all had moments where we felt like Gizmo and we’ll definitely have those moments again.