Because Kendall has been trying to make 1998 happen all over again.

In case you haven’t heard, the ’90s are back in full revival mode. One particular Hollywood style icon who’s been embracing the grungy decade is Kendall Jenner.

The reality star and supermodel has been wearing everything from slip dresses to flannel to motorcycle jackets and I have to say, I’M ALL ABOUT IT. Hell, this girl also has a nipple ring, so she’s basically the cool ’90s teenager you always wanted to be. Kenny recently chopped her long brunette locks for a spunky lob, which she recently confessed was inspired from ’90s supermodel Christy Turlington. While Kendall lives her wildest ’90s life in 2016, she can also serve as style inspo for all of us who’ve been wanting to modernize our inner-’90s spirit.

Here are 15 of Kendall-approved outfits that show how to bring back the ’90s in 2016.

1. When she wore this off-the-shoulder bodysuit and paired it with a fabulous choker


2. When she wore this oversized denim jacket with a camo shirt underneath

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3. When she basically went out of the house in her silk pajamas

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4. When she wore a bralette over a crop top and draped a velvet shawl over her shoulders


5. Everything from the leather pants to the lace bralette and plaid flannel shirt screams GRUNGE


6. Kendall proves the distressed denim skirt deserves to be taken out of your closet once again


7. When she put a modern twist on this graphic cropped tee by pairing it with a high-waisted metallic skirt


8. These burgandy high-waisted velvet corduroys are giving modern style life again


9. When she proved platforms > heels. Always.


10. When she put a classy twist on the choker trend with this satin one

…and paired a thick choker with a bold graphic tee.


11. Turtlenecks + bomber jackets + sneakers make the ultimate comfy ’90s 2016 outfit


12. When she revived the vertical striped trend with this bomb-ass pantsuit

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13. Kendall’s pom-pom purse is like Cher from “Clueless” in the best way possible

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14. Clearly, all you need in life is a choker, flannel and crop top


15. When she reminded us velvet dresses are chic AF by slaying this red carpet look

You’re killin’ it Kenny, LONG LIVE THE ‘90S.