Amazon teamed up with Kickstarter to bring the world’s coolest gadgets to the forefront.

Go-go-gadget pet camera! OK, perhaps Amazon’s new storefront, Amazon Exclusives, won’t be used for any crime solving, but they will keep you from making a big splash during midnight trips to the bathroom! I suspect Inspector Gadget would approve of these cool do-dads.

The retail giant is acting as an outlet for little-known brands to sell their buzzy gadgets first appearing on crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter—you may have seen some on the TV program “Shark Tank.”

Let’s just say we’ve already got our Christmas lists queued up.

1. llumiBowl: A toilet night light


Ladies—you know the situation. You go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, feeling around for the seat and praying the seat is down. There’s nothing worse than being harshly woken from a groggy state by plopping your butt into a toilet bowl.

p.s. you may recognize this baby from Shark Tank

2. Stainless Steel Bottle Opening Silverware


A fork and a bottle opener are equally essential tools. Why shouldn’t they be combined as one? When you get home from a long day at the office, put up your feet, eat a nice home-cooked meal and crack open a cold beer in one fell swoop.

Bonus: You’ll always know exactly where to find the bottle opener.

3. Click & Grow Indoor Smart Herb Garden


Does everything around you turn to crap and die? Me, too. Luckily, this indoor herb garden takes care of itself. Three herb options and you don’t have to do a thing. If these guys go to shit, it’s totally not your fault (and if they do, they’ll exchange it!).

4. Prynt: A phone case that doubles as a photo printer


It’s like having a portable photo booth, that protects your phone! For now, the case size fits only iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s.f r2q

5. MudWatt—Clean Energy from Mud—Grow your own living fuel cell—Classic STEM Kit


You can run your own clock with just a tub of mud! With this kit, you can run a LED digital clock using power from the bacteria in the mud! Track the growth of the bacteria’s power and unlock chapters of the comic book in the MudWatt Explorer.

6. PyroPet Candle


When most candles burn out, you’re left with nothing but a waxy mess. But this eerie kitty candle has a secret. Once burned, the candle reveals a grinning metallic skeleton. It’s a surefire way to creep out any house guests.

7. Foodie Dice


Around five o’clock every night every couple in America has the exact same argument. It starts with the question, “What do you want to eat?”

The foodie dice might seem too simple to be effective, but they provide a fun new way to switch up your dinner routine. The five dice offer you inspiration, then all you’ve got to do is shop, cook and eat. There are over 186,000 meal combos, so that should keep the arguing at bay for a while.

It includes five primary dice and four seasonal veggie dice (vegetarian and vegan friendly).

8. Back to the Roots Water Garden


Have your own hydroponics setup, right in your kitchen. Be a part of one of the biggest waives in sustainability right now with a self-cleaning fish tank that grows food. Your fishy friend’s waste feeds your plants and the plants clean the water. Water gardening is the way of the future!

9. PicoBrew Zymatic


Love beer? Of course you do. No you can brew your own in a very easy way. Never mind that the PicoBrew Zymatic sounds like a name Stu Pickles came up with for one of his zany toy inventions—this is the first all-grain beer brewing appliance. It’s fully automatic and brews any craft beer type in less than four hours!

10. Wise Walker


Like a good samaritan, you pick up your dogs poo. It feels good to do the right thing, but it doesn’t feel good to carry around a bag of smelly turds—especially when you pass a cute girl on the street. No guy ever successfully macked on a girl with poop in his hands. With the wise walker, she’ll never know you’re holding a steaming pile of poopie. You just drop the poop bag into the odor-proof sack until you safely reach the garbage, sans humiliation.

11. Petcube Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera


I wonder what my dog is doing right now.—the thought consumes my brain all day, every day as I sit at my desk. If you also have very real separation anxiety from your pet, the Petcube is the answer to our prayers. You can watch, talk, AND play with your pets from your smartphone—all without leaving your uncomfortable swivel chair. Say goodbye to sad goodbyes and guilt. With the interactive laser toy within the cube, you can play with your pet all day.

12. HUDWAY Glass


Let’s face it, staring at your phone while your’re driving isn’t safe—even if it’s mounted. HUDWAY Glass is a car accessory that turns your smartphone into a transparent, head-up display for any car for travel comfort and safety. You’ll no longer be distracted from the road—day or night—and you’ll have a clear view without obstruction.

13. Buca Boot


My system of carrying grocery bags on my bicycle handles has been less than successful. This bike-mounted storage system is as secure as a car trunk, and holds everything short of your mattress set. The Buca Boot will keep your things safe and dry from the rain—plus it looks really cool.

14. Glyph Video Headset


Yep, we’re officially living in the future. Glyph is the world’s first personal theater. You can watch movies or play games in HD audio/video. Connect to a smartphone, tablet, drone or gaming console up to 40,000 feet away. You’ll feel like you’re watching a 60-inch TV, no matter where you are.

15. GO Outfitters Go Hammock


Feel like an Avatar sleeping in this portable hammock of the future. The Go Hammock eliminates uncomfortable pressure points that you might experience with the typical hammock. By distributing the user’s body weight more evenly, you can rest the day away in the spacious air-napper.