Love is sharing Funyons on a casual afternoon.

It seems like love stories only exist in cheesy romantic comedies. When you’re on Tinder swiping past shirtless dudes at the gym or burly men with untamed beards holding up a fish, it can be easy to give up on finding love—or at least someone you want to spend your Netflix and pizza time with.

Then you have couples like Chloë Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham, who remind us that true love does, in fact, exist. From eating late-night takeout together to sporting matching outfits, they prove that love is just finding someone who supports your passions—and someone you feel comfortable stuffing your face in front of.

Here are 15 times the young Hollywood couple were the ultimate definition of relationship goals.

1. When they wore matching Vans slip-ons after casually walking out of an L.A. tattoo parlor together.

Pacific Coast News

2. When they ordered late night takeout and acted like they were “in” on something top secret.

3. Relationship goals = having car jam seshs.

4. When they rocked the athleisure trend together at the airport and looked stylish AF.


5. TBH, they can still look like fashion models while sharing a bag of Funyuns on a casual afternoon.

6. Food is obv. very important in their/any relationship.

7. When Brooklyn surprised Chloë at the DNC to support her speech…

8. …and he gushed about how “proud” he was of her after her passionate pro-Hillary Clinton speech.

9. Their Snapchats are full of cute surprises like Brooklyn coming to hug her from behind.

10. When Brooklyn showed his support for Chloe after she got involved in the Kimye/Taylor drama.

After Khloe Kardashian called out Chloe on Twitter with a crude joke, Brooklyn showed he stood by his number one lady by posting this pic amid the drama, which he captioned, “I think I’ll keep her.” He also deleted a pic of himself wearing a Kanye tee. Take that, Kimye.

11. When Chloë showed she’s Brooklyn’s number one photography fan, saying “I’ll be your muse any day” on Instagram.

*Cue our hearts melting*

12. They even stay in shape together, but don’t take it too seriously.

Nothin’ like couples boxing.

13. They always pose for the cutest pics, showing how in love they are.

14. They slay at candid couple selfies, too.


15. Basically, all you need is someone who looks at you the way Brooklyn looks at Chloe.


That’s love, people.