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The Burning Man has gone up in in flames, but the fashion will live on forever.

Last week, 70,000 music lovers flocked to Nomad’s land, better known as Black Rock City, for Burning Man. It’s the one and only festival that unites Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, free-spirited hippies and A-list celebrities for a spiritual experience in the Nevada desert. For eight days, the grounds become a utopian city full of art, parties, love, electronic music, and of course, sartorial eye candy.

Burning Man fashion is always a spectacle. The fest prides itself on freedom of expression, but when you’re battling the desert heat and sandstorms, it’s pretty much a game of survival, too. From Katy Perry to Cara Delevingne to Paris Hilton, celebs nailed the “Survivor-Chic” look. Between colorful braids, fur masks, and lots of armor, these were the can’t-miss trends from Burning Man.

1. Cara Delevigne’s colorful braids were the epitome of festival fashion

2. Cara’s sister Poppy went for a more vibrant hue

3. It’s like Cyborg come to life with all the armor and glowing lights

4. Paris Hilton looked like a modern-day “Game of Thrones” character

5. Cara also shielded herself with an armor vest

6. Despite the heat, Scott Eastwood decided to drape fur over his head

7. Model Nina Agdal went for an armor bra and some serious boots

8. Here’s Katy Perry with some very colorful shades, braids and…a fur mask?!

9. She actually was a “luminary fairy”

10. Paris Hilton’s colorful fur jacket made her look like a desert fairy

11. Nina Agdal’s intense goggles were definitely a fashion statement

12. Karlie Kloss’ evil eye nails stared into our souls

13. Karlie and Cara’s Burning Man embrace proved they are the two coolest models ever

14. Guess Poppy got the fur rainbow jacket memo, too.

15. Paris’ Burning Man squad is ready to survive the apocalypse

16. And here’s Diplo just looking normcore AF