Suck on that.

Fact: “Mean Girls” is hands down one of the best teen comedies—it’s probably the most quotable movie of all time. Perhaps the best thing about “Mean Girls” is how relatable it is. Hopefully, no one had to make their high school frenemy’s face smell like a foot and give her fake Swedish weight-loss bars—but each character represents someone we probably knew in high school.

Janis Ian was without a doubt one of the best characters in the film. She might have been scarred by not being invited to Regina’s pool party in middle school, but it made her who she is today—the queen of a good comeback who has no effing shame for who she is. Here are 16 signs that you’re the Janis of your friend group.

1. You have a distinct sense of style

‘Mean Girls’

2. You have a snarky comeback for everything….

‘Mean Girls’

3. …and are not ashamed to call people out

‘Mean Girls’

4. People are always shocked by your inherent wisdom

5. Sarcasm is sort of your thing.

6. You know what’s going on with everybody all the time

‘Mean Girls’

7. You’ve wondered what kissing your best friend would be like

And maybe you’ve done it.

8. You’re secretly into weird guys, even if you might not admit it

‘Mean Girls’

9. Deep down you’re a sensitive person, though you tend to hide it

10. You’re extremely protective of your friends…

11. …but if they betray you, you’ll hold it against them.

12. Because you’re the queen of holding grudges.

‘Mean Girls’

13. Which is why you quietly judge everyone first and then decide if they’re worthy of being your friend

14. You don’t have room for shitty people in your life

15. You have no shame for who you are

16. You’re 100% confident in yourself, so fuck what everyone else thinks

‘Mean Girls’