The festival’s 30th year is LIT.

Burning Man kicked off over the weekend as 75,000 people descended into the Nevada desert to celebrate art, creativity and self-expression. For thirty years, the annual festival has become a temporary community in a dried up lake in the Black Rock Desert, where individuals passionate about counter-culture, community and alternative ways of thinking gather. The eight day event runs from August 28 to September 5 this year, and is expected to have spectacular art installations and a bustling electronic music lineup.

While I can’t imagine trying to survive in the desert wearing a sand-apocalypse mask and lugging a giant water bottle everywhere I go, I applaud all the “Burners” out there living and breathing this unique festival culture.

Here’s everything you’re missing out on at Burning Man if you’re not there.

1. Taking prime sunset pics of the RVs camped out in the desert

2. Fighting intense sandstorms

3. Riding a rotating boar sculpture with your friends

4. Doing parkour on everyone’s favorite four letter word

5. Spray-painting your entire body and going nude without judgement or harassment

6. Taking post-card-worthy photos of this lighthouse sculpture

7. Getting real creative about your mask so you will survive whatever sandstorm tries to kill you

8. Experiencing a Burning Man wedding over the desert sunrise

9. Sitting on top of giant letters and staring pensively into the sky

10. The chance to shoot something ~cool~ with these stylish fellas

11. Taking the perfect heart hand Instagram pic

12. Climbing on potentially dangerous sculptures

13. Hanging on a gigantic picture frame with your friends

14. Sleeping in a unicorn tent (!!!)

15. Experiencing the magic of the playa

16. Did I mention body paint?


17. Laying naked in a row with strangers and soaking up some rays, because art


18. Finding your home away from home