19 “Gross” Things All Women Do That Are Actually Perfectly Normal

Lets face it, ladies: were all guilty of doing some p. gross things behind closeddoors.

19 “Gross” Things All Women Do That Are Actually Perfectly Normal

Julianne Ishler

We’re all guilty of analyzing our poop for a little too long.

Let’s face it, ladies: we’re all guilty of doing some p. gross things behind closed doors.

‘Cruel Intentions’

But the best thing about going days weeks months without shaving is knowing you’re not alone. Which means none of these things are actually that gross at all, because safety in numbers, right ladies?

1. Going days without showering because it’s too much work

‘Parks and Recreation’

Fact: showering is the worst. It takes so much time and effort, especially when you factor in shaving. For some reason, society makes us feel like disgusting humans if we don’t clean ourselves every day, but UGH, who actually has time for that?!

2. Turning your underwear inside out to avoid doing laundry

‘The Office’

Laundry can be a pain in the ass, especially when you have other priorities like work, brunch and avoiding housework. To make it easier on yourself, you just flip your underwear inside out. What’s the big deal? It’s not like you’re wearing the dirty part a second day in a row, ya know?

3. Popping your own (or even a friend’s) pimples…and liking it

‘Mean Girls’

Nothing feels better than throwing a hot washcloth on your face and going to town on some blackheads. Thirty minutes later, you’ve successfully made your skin look worse but you’ve also experienced levels of euphoria while studying all that gunk. Call it an even draw.

4. Sniffing your armpits to see if you have BO

‘Project Runway’

Whenever someone mentions a bad smell, you automatically assume it’s you…because remembering deodorant is hard. At least knowing is half the battle, even if it does turn out you’re the smelly kid.

5. Picking outfits based on your shaving (or not shaving) schedule


Shaving sucks, and you always end up missing a weird patch on your ankle anyway. So on days (or months) when you don’t want to bother, you wear clothes that expertly hide the inch-long strands. Everyone is none the wiser.

6. Forgetting to put on deodorant, then putting on a shit ton of perfume to cover up your stench

‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’

Most of us are guilty of forgetting deodorant (see: #4). And what better way to solve the problem than spray on a shit ton of perfume in lieu of antiperspirant? Bonus points if people compliment your scent.

7. Smelling your crotch to see if you’ve got stank down there


This is especially common around your period, when you’re especially conscious of weird smells. Better triple check you’re not giving off a weird stench.

8. Profusely picking your nose when nobody’s looking

‘Celebrity Big Brother’

There’s nothing like coming home after a long day and digging for gold. Turns out, it’s a child-like habit you never outgrow.

9. Analyzing the fuck out of that weird discharge/crust in your underpants

“Toy Story’

You’ve spent countless seconds (minutes?) on the toilet, analyzing that fascinating panty crust that magically shows up in your underwear. Just as long as it’s not green or some other weird color, you’re likely in the clear.

10. Playing with your fun bags


Boobs aren’t just for guys to play with…what fun would that be? When you’re sitting at home watching TV or just zoning out, there’s nothing more therapeutic than cupping your boobs and bouncing ’em around.

11. Picking out a piece of hair wedged in your buttcrack


There’s nothing more satisfying than pulling that stray head hair out of your crack. How it gets there in the first place is a mystery, but it’s borderline orgasmic when you pull it out.

12. Making a DIY pad out of toilet paper


We’ve all had Aunt Flo show up out of the blue and be like, “Surprise, bitch! I came early!” so you have to fold a bulky pad out of the nearest toilet paper roll. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

13. Finding the right angle to pull out your chin/nipple hair before plucking

‘The Princess Diaries’

Plucking is a fine art — you have to find the exact right angle, or else you’ve maimed your entire nipple. Sometimes, you’ll even see just how long it can grow before yanking it out.

14. Peeing in the shower

‘Easy A’

Letting loose during early morning showers is too convenient not to do. It all goes down the drain anyway, so what’s the big deal?

15. Smelling your own farts and thinking, “hey they’re not so bad”


Everybody else’s farts are repulsive, but yours? They’re cool. They sort of smell like bread. In fact, if they don’t smell, you’re a little disappointed.

16. Scratching your boob/crotch/armpits after a long day


Because itchy happens everywhere, and nothing feels better than a good scratch sesh.

17. Pooping with the door open in front of your best friend

‘Broad City’

Same goes with peeing or changing a tampon. Anything goes! If you can’t poop in front of them, they’re probably not BFF material.

18. Inspecting your period blood/poop/pee in the toilet bowl


We’re all curious about what poop looks like after a green smoothie vs. a spicy burrito. It’s just a fascinating science experiment in personal health.

19. Vegging out with your hands down your pants

‘Married with Children’

No, it’s not just dudes that do this. You’re most relaxed when you can plop on the couch and stretch a hand down your sweatpants, in a completely non-sexual way.