The VMAs certainly had some interesting white-carpet looks, to say the least.

While the MTV VMAs are a celebration of excellence and creativity in the music video industry, there’s no question about it that the outfits are just as important. Stars sported some wild fashion on the white carpet this year at the VMAs in Madison Square Garden on Sunday, August 28. One thing I love about this particular awards show is that there’s no such thing as going too eccentric—we all remember what Miley has worn in years past, yes? This year, celebs brought their fashion A (and F)-game and it was DEFINITELY A SPECTACLE.

1. Best Statement-Making Outfit: Beyoncé


What a star—not only did Bey perform a medley of her “Lemonade” hits and break Madonna’s record for most VMA wins, but she showed up on the white carpet looking completely out of this world. The star stunned in a see-through, feathered gown. Even though it brought on a ton of memes comparing her to everything from the Muppets to Christmas decorations to a beautiful bird, she still slayed in my mind.

2. Best Red Carpet Princess Look: Blue Ivy Carter

Instagram: beyonce

Blue Ivy looked like a little princess walking down the white carpet hand-in-hand with Beyoncé. Talk about a dynamic mother-daughter duo.

3. Best Effortless (But It Totally Took Hours) Look: Kim Kardashian West


Yes, I’m aware Kimmy K looks like she just got out of the shower and sprinted to the VMAs with damp hair (LOL, as if, right?), but I’m digging her no-makeup look with the sexy sheer dress. I’m so used to Kim going all-out with a full face of makeup while wearing something super revealing, but this chill look is unexpectedly awesome in my eyes.

4. Best Classy-Meets-Sexy Look: Nicki Minaj


Queen Nicki dominant does it again—the curve-hugging, cutout blue gown was one of the most slay-worthy looks of the entire night. Nicki put her own spin on the sheer-gown trend by opting for something that’s elegant and sexy at the same time. Plus, anyone else staring at that giant diamond ring on her finger?! We see you, Meek. ????

5. Best All-Black Look: Fifth Harmony ladies


The ladies of Fifth Harmony are typically the most coordinated on the red carpet, and this VMAs look sure proved that yet again—going for head-to-toe all black looks, they complimented each other’s looks by mixing different textures. From cutouts to mesh to velvet, the 5H ladies totally dominated this look.

6. Most Dapper: Nick Jonas


Nick Jonas’ trendy all black and white look really brought the smolder factor for the 23-year-old “Bacon” singer.

7. Best Boss Lady Look: Amber Rose


Amber Rose is typically bold with her fashion choices, and the all black pantsuit showing off her lace bralette was fierce AF. The mirrored sunglasses with the bold red lip and matching red nails totally add to her confident aura.

8. Best ‘I’ma Do Me’ Look: Chance The Rapper


While the internet compared the Chicago rapper to Mario and Luigi with his overalls and hat, Chance is always authentically himself. As Chance’s own lyrics state: “I don’t wanna be cool, I just wanna be me.” YES, CHANCE—you rock those khaki overalls!

9. Best Comeback/It’s Britney Bitch Look: Britney Spears


Now THAT’S a way to make a comeback—Brit’s all-black outfit with a cutout slit down the middle was basically begging us to take her comeback performance seriously. This was Britney’s night, and she wasn’t going to let anyone take it from her. (Unless you’re name is Beyoncé, but I digress.) As long as Brit is smiling, I am too.

10. Best Unexpected Combo: Tove Lo


Tove Lo pulled off a snazzy one-shoulder white mini dress and paired it with gold metallic sneakers, which is basically the definition of the fire emoji ????. The Swedish singer really proved she’s the ultimate “cool girl” with the unexpected combo, and I’m totes gonna steal this look next time I go out. Thanks, girl!

11. Most Hypnotizing Look: Stella Maxwell


Can anyone else not stop staring at this truly hypnotizing maze of an outfit? It’s making me dizzy to stare at the circular patterns, but I am also very intrigued how one can pull this off without looking like a Circus clown. Way to go, Stella.

12. Most Rando Look: Ariana Grande


The ruffly, off the shoulder top paired with the high-waisted black pants (wait, where are her feet??) was definitely… interesting. It’s sort of ’90s- meets-modern in a way with the choker and off-the-shoulder top paired with the slacks, but for some reason it doesn’t really scream VMAs to me—more like off-duty entrepreneur.

13. Most Edward Scissorhands Look: Ansel Elgort


Props to Ansolo for going edgy, but this is a little TOO MUCH. Between the chain, the weird-designed pants and the leather gloves, he looked like he’s just trying to find his Winona in 2016.

14. Scariest Look: Rita Ora


Rita, I love you, but you look like a goth troll doll. Those-sky high platforms with the peacock-y dress and hair sticking up in the back is a little scary for my taste.

15. Best Beautiful Without Makeup Look: Alicia Keys


When Alicia Keys announced she was done wearing makeup in May, I’ve been very curious to see how it would play out. The superstar has stuck to her promise and not disappointed—she looked fresh-faced and glowing on the VMAs red carpet and now it’s making me reconsider my life.

16. Most WTF Combination: Cassie


The yellow highlighter hair and gold bellbottom pants were certainly eye-popping—especially when you realize she’s not even wearing a shirt underneath her blazer.

17. Most Jaden Smith: Jaden Smith


Would you really expect him to wear anything else?!

18. Most Early ‘00s: Dascha Polanco


Dascha totally brought the early ’00s back to the VMAs carpet, and TBH, it was refreshing to see amongst all the other outrageous looks. The denim paired with the fancy, satin top was totally something Brit would have worn with JT on the red carpet a decade ago.

19. Most Badass: Baddie Winkle


All I can say is when I’m 88-years-old, I sure as hell hope I can pull off a sheer body suit and bedazzled cane with some rockin’ wedges.

What was your favorite look of the night?