Snapchat: kimkardashian

Shoutout to Kim K. for making sure we never miss a moment of behind-the-scenes action.

What’s seen on TV at the MTV VMAs is only half of the actual event in 2016, aka the Golden Age of Snapchat. Celebrities took to their Snaps to feed into our FOMO on all the backstage action of our favorite people hanging out. Kim Kardashian was totally the MVP of the night, Snapping everything from selfies with Britney Spears to her favorite performances of the night (even if Kanye thought she was just taking a nice closeup of his face).

Those of us peasants who weren’t at the awards ceremony (hey, nothing wrong with gobbling down pizza while fawning over how great everyone looks!) lived vicariously through these celebs.

1. Kim Kardashian’s selfie with Britney Spears is making us ‘Ooo’

2. Keeks also posed with four of the Final Five. Talk about #SquadGoals

Snapchat: kimkardashian

3. It’s Simone Biles!

Snapchat: kimkardashian

4. Rihanna taking her sweet time backstage ????

5. Rihanna’s friends celebrating her big night backstage makes you want to be her BFF

6. The Jonas brother love is real!

They also got matching tattoos before the awards ceremony.

7. Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian made their friendship Snapchat official

Snapchat: kimkardashian

8. Kimye posed with the mothers of gun violence victims

Snapchat: kimkardashian

9. Ariana Grande enjoyed some freshly-made avocado toast with her new boo Mac Miller

10. Rihanna superimposed Drake’s face onto hers and LOL

11. Fifth Harmony looked ready to slay the VMAs

12. They also posed backstage with the Olympic squad

Snapchat: fifthharmony

13. Naomi Campbell and Rihanna shared this beautiful backstage moment and embrace

14. Kim and Hailey Baldwin duck-faced hardcore and it was a little too much

15. Drake hung out with Rihanna and her Grandpa ????

It was 100% their night.

16. Kimye hung out with Michael Phelps, aka Future’s number one fan

Snapchat: kimkardashian

17. Serena Williams showed off her bomb dress before making a surprise cameo to introduce Beyoncé

Snapchat: serenawilliams

18. Rihanna prepared to dominate the stage and her feather bra is literally the greatest thing ever

19. Ariana Grande was thankful for comfy overalls after she did a spin class onstage with Nicki Minaj

Snapchat: arianagrande

20. Nick Cannon fangirled over Heidi Klum

Snapchat: NickCannonMoney


21. Kim hung out with Cassie and P. Diddy while Kanye hung awkwardly in the background

22. Rita Ora said Tove Lo was “smoking” and we couldn’t agree more ????

Snapchat: ritaora

23. Ariana Grande and Troye Sivan partied it up and took this cute selfie

What was your favorite VMAs snap?