Don’t leave home without downloading them.

When it comes to travel, technology is a game changer. The advent of the internet has essentially made an entire profession obsolete (sorry, travel agents; it’s not your fault.) We’ve upgraded from maps to MapQuest and traded in brochures for smartphones. These days, an entire transcontinental trip can be planned with the simple click of a button—and money. A lot of money.

But before you empty your bank account for a fancy new vacation, check out some of these travel apps that are guaranteed to make your journey easier, cheaper and a whole lot more memorable.


Description: “Ordering off the secret menu for travel.”

User Rating: 4.5 Stars

Why You Need It: When it comes to planning your travel itinerary, Viator is an invaluable resource. Just type in your destination and the app will grant you access to tours, attractions and recommendations from other travelers. The app allows you to filter by date, price and rating and has a map feature making it easy to pinpoint attractions that are close to your current location. Tours can be booked directly on the app and will show up in your account bookings making it easy to keep your friends close and your travel plans even closer. Viator is a must-have for the traveler who likes to do a lot with a minimal amount of research.


Description: “We scan millions of fares and bring you the best itineraries to help you know the optimal time to travel.”

User Rating: 5 Stars

Why You Need It: Even though the price of fuel has fallen drastically in the last few years, airplane travel is still incredibly expensive—mostly due to mergers and the lack of competition amongst airlines. That’s why you need to download HitList: Not only does the app allow you to search by location to find the cheapest flights, it also recommends trips for you. Whether you’re looking for a quick weekend getaway or an extended vacation, HitList gives you a list of options curated specifically for the fiscally responsible adventurer in you.


Description: “Taste a city with locals around the world and enjoy ultimate food experiences!”

User Rating: Not currently available

Why You Need It: VizEat is a social dining mobile app that connects European travelers with local hosts to create the perfect gastronomic experience. Log on, select your destination, the number of people in your party and explore from there. The app allows users to filter by price, cuisine, food restrictions and language. Like Airbnb but for food, VizEat connects weary travelers with locals who want to cook them dinner (the app also provides options for cooking classes and market tours.) If you’re looking to make friends, sample local cuisine and get an authentic cultural experience, download VizEat and dig in.

Trail Wallet

Description: “Less tracking, more traveling.”

User Rating: 4.8 Stars

Why You Need It: For those of us traveling on a budget (or those of us who would prefer not to go home flat busted), Trail Wallet is a must-have. The app allows you to set a daily or trip budget, then breaks down your spending in an easy-to-view layout. You can view your budget by subcategories, making it simple to see where your money is going and where you can afford to skimp. For those traveling abroad, Trail Wallet automatically converts to your home currency. It’s an intuitive and necessary tool for travelers who are bad with money, but still want to maximize their experience.