They’re crushing gender gender stereotypes in the best way ????.

“Act like a lady.” Every woman has heard those unfortunate words at some point in her life. Society has told us in order to be “ladylike,” we need to be poised, polished and polite. We should keep our opinions to ourselves. We have to smile all the time. We can’t enjoy the same sexual freedom as men. We can’t take a bite out of a big juicy burger and pick our teeth at the dinner table. We have to look put together and maintain a small size so men can show us off like prizes. The list goes on and on.

It’s 2016 and we’re still fighting to break gender norms and stereotypes so we can live our lives freely. Women are badass and ruling the world, so why are we still frowned upon if we don’t “act like a lady” in the traditional sense? These five ads shatter gender stereotypes by giving women both a voice and sense of individuality.

1. H&M: Autumn 2016 Collection Ad

The Swedish clothing company gives new meaning to Tom Jones’ 1971 hit “She’s a Lady.” The feminist ad not only features a whole bunch of stylish clothes, but also women embracing their imperfections, picking their teeth, throwing down fries and dancing freely. AMAZING.

2. Philippines Pantene: Labels Against Women

This ad shows a man and a woman going through the motions of the same workday, as words are used to describe their actions. Adjectives for the men include: boss, persuasive and dedicated, whereas women are described as bossy, pushy and selfish. At the end, the commercial tells us: “Don’t let labels hold you back.”

3. Sport England: This Girl Can

This ad was made to encourage women to engage in physical activities. Instead of featuring a “hot” girl in a bikini with boobs bouncing around while running on the beach, it celebrates women of all shapes, sizes and abilities having one big sweaty workout to Missy Elliott’s “Get Ur Freak On.”

4. Ram Trucks: Courage Is Already Inside

This inspirational ad tears down the question women ask themselves: “Have you ever thought, ‘I could never do that?’” Showing women accomplishing challenges like mountain climbing, surfing and performing on stage, the ad vows to “break a stereotype?—?and throw it into a whole ‘nother gear.”

5. Always: Like A Girl

One of the most powerful ads in recent years, the pad company redefined what it means to be a girl. Using statistics to show that young women’s confidence plummets around puberty, they asked girls to run and fight like a girl and they did so with full power and force. The phrase “like a girl” shouldn’t be an insult like society has made it out to be?—?if anything, it shows just how tough and powerful women are.