Why the Third Zodiac sign should be your first choice roommate.

Finding the perfect roommate is almost as difficult as finding the perfect French fry. You have a bunch of them throughout your life and some leave grease stains, but there are a special few that are both reliable and fulfilling. After living with a Gemini for the first 18+ years of my life (and by living with I mean sharing a room with, thanks mom and dad) I realized Geminis are the most ideal roommate you could have—here’s why:

1. They’re generous

‘One Tree Hill’

Geminis won’t just share their toothbrush with you if you need it, they’ll give it to you. Always equipped with the best intentions, Geminis want you to have everything they have, even if that means it’s their Crest Toothpaste-encrusted brush.

2. They’re optimistic

’30 Rock’

Geminis always have a positive attitude. So when your landlord is threatening eviction because you both just realized you’ve been hitting the corner bar way too hard and can’t afford rent, your Gemini roommate will keep a positive outlook. They’ll probably convince you that selling the couch to pay rent is actually a great opportunity to build a fort in the living room.

3. They’re flexible

‘Gilmore Girls’

Geminis are okay with disarray. A mini fridge in the bathroom? Sure. Another cat so yours can breed and you can have kittens? Great! A lime green kitchen? Why didn’t they think of that?

4. They’re impulsive

‘Parks & Recreation’

Don’t be surprised if you come home to find your Gemini roommate relaxing in a 20×40 jacuzzi they impulsively bought off an infomercial. They’re always down to buy pizza at 2am and won’t mind hosting a pregame party, even if you ask them at 11pm on a Friday night when they’re already in their footy pajamas.

5. They’re adaptable


Let’s say you’ve got a new boyfriend/girlfriend and you’re SUPER into them. You’re so into them you forget you already have a roommate and your significant other practically moves in. Geminis don’t mind. Like chameleons, they adapt to their environment and are compatible with various living conditions. So as long as there are people to socialize with, Geminis are down for whatever.

6. They’re independent


But if you and your significant other do want some quiet alone time, Geminis are good with that too.

They don’t need someone to go grocery shopping or watch the next episode of “The Bachelor” with. If you’re busy, your Gemini roommate will find other ways to entertain themselves because they’re an independent sign that don’t need no companion.

7. They’re social extroverts


Your Gemini roommate is the perfect person to drag to your coworker’s engagement party—they’ll simply put on a sick Spotify playlist and get your boss drunk on tequila. And that’s not all! Because Geminis aren’t shy, they’ll happily get the door when the GrubHub delivery arrives—could it get any better than that?

‘New Girl’

There you have it. Geminis are truly the McDonald’s french fry of roommates. So what are you waiting for? Grab the nearest Gemini and move in together already.