So you’re thinking about maybe exercising because it’s almost summer, and also because you need an excuse to wear Bey’s new athletic wear. But the biking sounds like death and running sounds like double death. So you turn to group fitness and that seems alright at first, except classes like CrossFit are hella intense and yoga isn’t intense enough. So where do you turn to get your sweat on while also enjoying yourself? Try these seven outside-the-box fitness classes that sound way more fun than competing for the last elliptical.

1. IMAX Spin Rides

IMAX Shift

The first IMAX Spin studio is set to open in Brooklyn, NY and will feature blasting music played to IMAX Hawaiian landscapes, space scenes and trippy electronic sequences.

2. High Heel Fitness


Stilettos are required for this female-focused group class that incorporates full-body toning and cardio moves all while wearing high heels. Classes at various studios are offered all over the country—Stiletto Dance Studio and Heel Hop, to name a few.

3. SurfSET Workouts

SurfSET Fitness

SurfSET classes focus on core stability with a fun twist: they all takes place on a surfboard. Landlocked or not, there are locations all over the country—and since it doesn’t actually take place in the water, you don’t have to wear a bathing suit and worry that your top will fly off when you fall (not like this has happened to me or anything…)

4. POUND Fitness


Rock out with upbeat, crazy loud music while incorporating weighted drumsticks into an epic toning and cardio workout in studios across the country, or in your own home to get your neighbors back for all that noise.

5. Forza


Yes, that ripped woman is whipping a Samurai sword. Forza classes use wooden swords so you’re safe from decapitation, but the progressively difficult routines focus on physical and mental fluidity.

6. Trampoline Workouts


The House of Air promises the “most exciting workout you can get in public” and honestly, that looks about right. Jumping on a trampoline for just 10 minutes is roughly equivalent to 30 minutes of running, so you’ll have a ton of fun and get a great workout in, too.

7. AIR Fitness

Air Fit Now

Aerial fitness classes combine the best of Pilates, yoga and ballet all while suspended in the air in silk hammocks. If nothing else, you’ll fulfill your childhood dream of being in Cirque du Soleil, sort of.