As told by cats.

You probably already have a go-to move. And sure, it gets the job done, but switching up your self-sex routine is important. You could be missing out on some serious orgasm opportunity. Let’s just try something—OK?

Before we begin, you’ve got to be open to trying new things. It’s important you have a very comfortable relationship with your lady bits. One way to do this is to give her an identity—say, a kitten. Mine is named Sassy (because Homeward Bound). But feel free to rename your pussycat however you feel fits her best. Got the name? Great—now we can begin to discuss how to really make her purr.

1. Me-oww

Dose—Ines Vuckovic

How it’s done: Sit spread legged in a chair, with Sassy greeting the world. Use your finger to “draw” a circle motion around your clitoris. Begin slowly and slowly build momentum.

Why it’s nice: If you’re the kind of person that finds direct clitoral stimulation as jarring as nails on a chalkboard, this is a great move for you. The sensation is less intense than going straight for the bullseye.

Pro Tip: Should the circling get boring, try tracing letters of the alphabet to switch it up.

2. Back in the Saddle

How it’s done: Pretend the arm of your couch is a horse or another more appropriate and potentially inanimate thing that you ride with legs spread. Begin by slightly moving your hips, and slowly increase speed and pressure.

Why it’s nice : The solid and steady pressure feels great.

Pro Tip: You can also do this move on a stuffed chair or the edge of a table with a thick blanket or towel over it.

3. THE Spot

How it’s done: This move is targeted to finding the mystical “G spot.” Lie on your back and bring your knees to your chest. Insert one or two fingers into your kitten, and as you begin to withdraw your finger, press against the front of your vagina urethra, curling your finger in a “come hither” gesture.

Why it’s nice: At first, you might feel like you’re going to pee on your hand. That’s normal. But after a couple tries, your body will acclimate to the sensation, and you’ll experience a thrilling warm pleasure.

Pro Tip: Try it out with only one leg at your chest, and the other extending for some variation.

4. The Bruce Springsteen

How to do it: You may need to do a couple inner thigh stretches before attempting this doozy. Begin kneeling on the floor or bed with knees spread open uber-wide. Then press your Sassy against your hand, pillow, toy or mattress.

Why it’s nice: This position lets you rock forward and backward, or roll your hips in a circular motion. The extra blood flow to your pelvic region totally ups your arousal.

5. The Beached Whale

How to do it: Lie on your belly with legs spread. Grind your pelvic bone and clitoris against your hand, a pillow or toy between your legs.

Why it’s nice : The back-and-forth movements hit your clitoris’ shaft while erect. Plus, your body weight adds more friction against the hood of your clitoris.

6. Shaving Stance

How to do it: This shower technique is best suited for those with strong hips and the balance of an avid yogi. Allow total access to Sassy by placing one foot on the side of the bathtub, then use the removable shower head to stream over her. If your shower head isn’t removable, you can still use your fingers for an equally enjoyable shower experience.

Why it’s nice: Masturbating while standing requires you to use a little core strength, which naturally flexes your pelvic floor muscles and sends more tinglies to your erectile tissue. It’s a little exhausting but definitely worth it.

Pro Tip: Have a shower head that has different settings? Even better.

7. Dirty Diaper Change

How to do it: Lie on your back with a pillow under your hips and slowly bring your legs up so they’re pointing at your head. You’ll look like a baby getting a diaper change, but without the help of someone holding your legs.

Why it’s great: The elevation adds to the stimulation, plus you’ve got access to more than just your puss (aka you can also reach your butthole, if you so choose).

Disclaimer: You have to be at least a level 1 yogi to partake in this position.