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The stakes are higher than ever for the the 33rd season of CBS’ “Survivor.” The reality competition show is pitting 10 Generation X-ers and 10 millennials against each other, as they fight to survive on the volcanic Mamanuca Islands for the chance to win $1 million—and of course, become the Sole Survivor. It’s bound to be a generational showdown.

The millennial cast is extremely promising. Along with the youngest contestant in the series’ history, there’s Indianapolis-bred Jessica Figueroa. The feisty 23-year-old who goes by the name “Figgy” recently relocated to Nashville, but she glows with Indianapolis pride.

As someone who considers herself an open book and a free spirit, Figgy will easily become your favorite contestant, hometown rep, and someone you’ll want to be best friends with.

Before you tune into CBS4 on Sept. 21 for the series premiere, here are seven things to know about Figgy that will make you want to root for this Indy gal!

1. She’s a multi-sport athlete

Figgy grew up playing four sports—basketball, volleyball, tennis, and softball—but she also enjoys kayaking and boxing. Pretty impressive, right? Her athletic stamina will definitely be one of her survival skills.

2. She was a local on-air radio personality


Those of you who tune into Indianapolis’ Radio One might have heard Figgy’s former nightly radio show called “Late Nights w/ Bryan and Figgy.” She worked as a promotions assistant for Radio One in 2014 before becoming a part-time on-air personality.

3. She left Indianapolis for Nashville due to bullying back home

After experiencing some major life-changes and bullying, Figgy decided to start fresh in a new city.

“I got out of a breakup and went through a lot of hardship?—?some bullying back home,” she told Parade. “It was constantly following me. I had all of my jobs [lined up] how I wanted, and I was happy with work in a way, but I wasn’t fully happy with my life. So I just quit everything and moved to Nashville with fifty dollars in my pocket. My sister lived there, so I picked that as my place. It was only four and a half hours south. I’ve been there ever since, and I’ve been pretty much living the dream as much as I can.”

This challenge taught her to face her fears and find fulfillment inwards. Her adventurous spirit and ability to adapt to change will ultimately make her a killer castaway.

4. She loves Snapchat

Just like us, Figgy loves Snapchat filters and face swaps.

5. She traveled to Haiti to spend time with under-privileged families and children

Figgy spent two weeks traveling throughout Haiti to help build a stronger community. She made several friends along the way, and even taught some of the kids how to do the Whip/Nae Nae!

6. When Figgy’s not enjoying the great outdoors, she’s making videos

Her YouTube Channel “Hashtag Figgy” includes everything from prank call videos to cooking to Adele covers.

7. Her hometown pride follows her everywhere she goes


Not that her Adele covers aren’t awesome, but perhaps the most touching video Figgy made was a tribute to her hometown. While coming home for her is bittersweet, she genuinely enjoys time with friends and family.

“I always come home and I never want to leave,” Figgy says in her hometown documentary. “It’s one of the saddest feelings in the world when I go but it’s also one of the best feelings ever because I know I get to come back to something amazing.”

Be sure to tune into CBS4 on Sept. 21 for the premiere of “Survivor!”