Brushes up, ladies.

Before YouTube, the only way you could learn to master a sexy smokey eye or chiseled cheekbones was by visiting the makeup counter or (gasp!) reading tips in a print magazine. While there’s nothing wrong with either of those options, the ability to pause and rewind a step-by-step tutorial is the next best thing to having a pro show you what to do first-hand—and without the pressure to purchase $200 worth of prods.

When it comes to virtual makeup lessons, nobody does it better than beauty vlogger Jaclyn Hill. Known for her funny and informative videos, the sartorial superstar is also the co-creator of the hot as hell limited edition shade of BECCA’s Shimmering Skin Perfector: Champagne Pop. The sparkly sensation literally broke the Sephora record for the most purchased product on release day. Not one to rest on her laurels, the go-getter is also launching her own line of cosmetics sometime in the first part of 2017.

From her down-to-earth attitude, supportive fan engagement and ability to let herself be a total goofball on her videos, the list of reasons why we love Hill is endless. But, since today is the makeup master’s 26th birthday today, we rounded up seven of Hill’s tutorials that are guaranteed to take any face from pasty and lifeless to glowing and flawless.

Highlighted and Bronzed

Jaclyn Hill Makeup

Who wouldn’t want to look like a glowing angel ALL THE TIME? It’s no surprise that Hill’s take on “natural” and sun-kissed looks like it came out Saint-Tropez—not an episode of “Jersey Shore.”

There’s never been a better reason to bust out a damp beautyblender.

Contour I Blush I Highlight I Bake

Jaclyn Hill Makeup

According to Hill, if you want to master contouring and baking (basically sealing your skin with a ton of translucent powder so that your internal body temperature “cooks” your foundation for long-lasting wearability), all you need to do is interview a hard workin’ drag queen—or you can watch this video instead.

Daytime Glam—Soft, Smokey Cat Eye

Jaclyn Hill Makeup

Newsflash: sexy cat eyes are can be worn before the sun sets. In this tutorial, Hill explains how you can still master this edgy look without looking like your outfit says 1pm boardroom meeting and your face says smokin’ hot date.

Go-To Fierce Face

Jaclyn Hill Makeup

Hey, sometimes a gal needs a little pick-me-up in the form of smoldering eyes and a kissable pout. Hill shared her go-to fierce face after receiving several requests on Snapchat—it’s actually a lot easier than it looks.

All-Time Favorite Drugstore Makeup Picks

Jaclyn Hill Makeup

One of the things we love about Hill is that she always showcases brands at various price points. And let’s be honest: who doesn’t love a beauty bargain? Particularly one we can buy at the same place as tampons, condoms and Ben & Jerry’s.

Go-To Daytime Glam Makeup

Jaclyn Hill Makeup

If “day look,” isn’t much different from what you look like when you roll out of bed in the morning, this one’s for you. In this video, Hill shares her go-to routine that gets her through everything from meetings to running errands. If done correctly, Hill says you’ll look “fresh, alive, awake, girly and glamorous without being over-the-top.”

In-Depth Foundation Routine For Flawless Full Coverage

Jaclyn Hill Makeup

The start of an artist’s perfect masterpiece is a clean canvas—which is exactly what you need before diving into more advanced contouring, baking and highlighting techniques. Hill’s tutorial for a flawless complexion is very similar to the way French women apply their makeup—there’s a decent amount of work that goes into fooling someone you have the complexion of someone on a perpetual Mediterranean diet of salmon, olive oil and avocados.

Trust, it’s worth every step.