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Her sincerity is exactly what the genre needs

In November, country singer Miranda Lambert released her new double album, The Weight of These Wings. The collection offered thoughtful ruminations on life and in doing so, provided listeners with a lyrically-rich and intimate experience that is seldom offered by modern country.

The Weight of These Wings is rooted in deep, personal truth. The new album, which went virtually unpromoted, diverts from mainstream country music, and many argue it’s exactly what the genre needs.

Her sound is honest

Lambert’s music doesn’t play by the rules. It isn’t created in accordance with a hit-making formula. It’s made out of heart and meaning. Her new album is proof that great art is a result of true human experiences. On the album’s lead single, “Vice,” Lambert gives the listener insight into her personal struggles. Without placing blame or offering an apology, she simply shines a light on herself as a person struggling with addictive and unhealthy behaviors. Her honesty is refreshing.

Her lyrics create beautiful imagery

Lambert’s lyrics read like poetry. You don’t listen to her story, you see and feel it. Case and point: “Hey white liar / The truth comes out a little at a time / And it spreads just like a fire / Slips off of your tongue like turpentine.”?—?White Liar

She doesn’t take herself too seriously

Lambert has shown us time and time again that she‘s a down-to-earth woman who can laugh at herself. “If you use alcohol as a sedative/ And ‘bless your heart’ as a negative/ Well then, we should be friends,” she sings on, “ We Should Be Friends.” Her laid-back performances only enhance her music.

She’s a real artist

The Weight of These Wings consists of twenty-four, contemplative and explorative songs . When recording albums, most artist’s subscribe to a traditional structure. What’s expected is a dozen three-minute -songs, all tightly buttoned. But by defying these structural norms, Lambert is taking a risk and putting her artistic vision first.

She makes original hits

By way of her 2010 hit single,“The House That Built Me,”, Lambert proved her ability to produce creative and evocative songs that still have the muscle to climb to the top of the charts and stand alongside the more tried-and-true tunes. Though her talents prove she can whip up an uncomplicated tune in no time, she’s also capable of more.

Her personality comes through

Every one of her songs is unmistakably Miranda Lambert. She retains her sense of humor, mischief, heart and independence across all of her music. As a result, her fans feel like they know her.

Her music doesn’t conform to the classic perception of country music

It’s a misconception in the music industry that all country music sounds the same. But anyone who subscribes to this belief hasn’t listened to Ms. Lambert’s music. Experiencing any one of her songs could mean bouncing to a flirty, yet mischievous tune, or relaxing to the steady beat of a ballad.

Each Miranda Lambert song is a distinct offering, and despite popular belief, they rarely focus on melancholy, heartache, beer or tractors.

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