8 Ways To Make Your College Apartment Look Fancy AF

Sponsored By First Column StudentLiving

8 Ways To Make Your College Apartment Look Fancy AF

Sponsored By First Column Student Living

212 East Apartments. | University of Illinois

Many college apartments look exactly the same — think band posters, twinkle lights and plastic storage bins. While nothing is wrong with these collegiate staples, there are other ways to transform your pad into a luxe oasis. And they’re a lot more affordable than you think.

Want to make your space look fancy AF? Use these budget-friendly design tips to help your college place truly feel like a grown-ass apartment.

212 East Apartments. | University of Illinois

Find A Great Place

This one’s a no-brainer: Find an apartment you love. When you live in a baller place, it makes the design process much easier. Instead of starting from scratch, you can accentuate the building’s positive features. Fully-furnished luxury apartments like First Column’s 212 East building at University of Illinois are a beautiful option. They’re trendy and design-forward, and they’re leasing now.


Make A Killer Headboard

Headboards can totally elevate any bedroom. There’s no need to drop a lot of cash on a store-bought version — grab a staple gun, fabric and a canvas to DIY a headboard like this one. If you’re craft-averse, slap a vintage rug on your wall.


DIY A Bedside Table

Need a bedside table? Make your own! Attach hairpin legs to a wooden box like this table. Pro-tip: If you go to a home improvement store, they’ll cut the pieces for you. Just make sure you know the dimensions you want. Because who actually remembers anything from shop class?

Offbeat + Inspired

Plants Are Key

Calling all green thumbs! Plants are an easy way to make your apartment look lovely. If you have a bad track record with greenery, try succulents and/or cacti. Pot the plants in affordable terracotta containers, and give them a fresh coat of paint like the ones above from Offbeat & Inspired.

Gallery Walls Are Chill

Gallery walls are the epitome of chic. Ditch your high school photo boards and class it up with this design technique. Find affordable frames from a craft store, and create a cohesive color scheme. Not allowed to hang nails in your walls? No problemo. Use double-sided sticky tape to attach ultra-light frames to the wall, or create a mini-gallery with craft tape ala Design Sponge.

Accent Walls That Pop

Nothing makes a statement quite like an accent wall. Create a temporary design with removable wallpaper, or use a tapestry to feature a cool landscape. You can even use decals to create a confetti wall, making every day feel like a party.

Upgrade Your Storage

With storage, you don’t have to sacrifice style for function. Get creative! Curate a display in your bookshelves. Reupholster your own storage ottoman. Or craft a no-sew rope basket. You might not need those plastic bins after all.

Homey Oh My

Up Your Textile Game

Throw pillows can make a huge impact — without breaking the bank. Assemble your own no-sew pillows covers with stitch adhesive and an iron. Try not to make your pillows look too matchy-matchy. Instead, stick to one color scheme, and focus on varying the size of the patterns you select to create a more mature aesthetic.

For incredible student housing options, check out First Column’s 212 East building in Champaign, IL. This beautiful, luxury complex is leasing now.