Go offline, if only for a weekend.

It’s cliché but true—we use our phones for pretty much everything these days. It’s how we work, unwind, date, and book doctor’s appointments. But taking a break from the constant barrage of images and information can be really good for our brains, our eyeballs, and our humanity. When unplugging seems close to impossible, these precious AF low-tech accessories might be just the push you need to leave your phone at home.

Wake up with a vintage alarm clock.

Etsy — M12JTickTockRestore

If the first thing you do in the morning is grab your phone, it’s all downhill from there. Say goodbye to “Chimes 1” and start your day with a classic vinatage alarm clock, like this pink 1950s number.

Trade Google Maps for an actual map.


A modern take on the most essential travel tool, these Crumpled City maps are soft, functional, and easy to stuff in a bag. Never get lost or directed into a lake.

Tabulate tips on an itty-bitty ice cream cone.


Resist the urge to take your phone out every time your elementary math skills fail you. Add up tips and taxes and all your other number needs on this ice cream cone calculator. Plus, it’s so much more satisfying to type 80085 on.

Take some IRL notes with these ‘Princess Bride’ pencils.

Etsy — thecarboncrusader

Tbh, the notes section of your phone is just a list of garbage reminders that you’ll never remember to delete. Spice up your life with these inconceivable ‘Princess Bride’ pencils and remember the sweet sweet smell of pencil shavings.

Doodle in a delightful notebook.

Etsy — AllieKushnir

Sometimes your ideas cannot be contained in a 3″x6″ iPhone. Fill the pages of an honest-to-goodness notebook—like this watercolor beauty—with all your cartoons and contemplations.

‘Pen’ the Great American Novel.

Etsy — MightyPaperShop

Who said fountain pens are a thing of the past? Let the ideas flow with this modern number.

Check the time on an analog watch.


Remember that time-telling skill you worked so hard to master as a kid? Put it to use with a dope round-faced watch.

Groove on with a groovy record player.

Urban Outfitters

Without getting into the douchery that often surrounds record collecting, if you’re interested in sweet stylings of needle on vinyl, take out your headphones and check out this lil’ suitcase turntable.

Snap some photos you have to wait and see.


This cute-as-hell film camera may not autofocus or creepily recognize your face, but it can still take some Instagram-worthy shots. Relish the anticipation as you wait for the film to develop.