Native to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, bonobos are famously peaceful and affectionate creatures. Here are 9 reasons why they’re also rad feminist role models.

1. Females dominate their society

Bonobos, along with chimpanzees, are the closest biological relatives to humans. But in bonobo society, girls truly run the world.

2. They’re the only ape that doesn’t kill

No need to worry about creepers or serial killers if you’re one of these peace-loving apes.

3. They have sex for pleasure—without guilt or shame

Bonobos are very open about sexual expression, engaging with partners of both sexes in a variety of positions not common in the rest of the animal world. You do you, bonobos.

4. They appreciate the natural female form

Flickr — Chris Hogan

Bras optional, body hair encouraged.

5. Everyone knows when they’re turned on—and when they’re not

Blogspot — Bonobo344

There’s little confusion about whether a female bonobo is ready for sex?—?her genital area will swell if she’s looking for a partner. If she’s not, no one tries any funny business.

6. They pay more attention to bonding opportunities than to threats

Cuddling and grooming are top priorities for these primates, keeping their bond to one another strong.

7. They are empathetic and affectionate

YouTube — NewsBeat Social

Bonobos don’t hide their feelings.

8. They’re welcoming to outsiders

Flickr — Mark Dumont

Bonobos easily empathize with outsiders and quickly welcome them to their group. They don’t alienate?—?instead, they share their resources as a means of building each other up.

9. They’re pretty darn cute

Getty Images — Hendrik Schmidt

You can’t argue with that face!