And the money is going to a good cause. ????

If you opened a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and found one magically shaped like Harambe, the logical thing to do is sell it on eBay, right? That’s exactly what someone did after finding a hot Cheeto shaped like the gorilla fatally shot last year at the Cincinnati Zoo—and he raked in nearly $100,000 in the process.

The Cheeto Harambe owner, Chris, started the bidding at $11.99 on Jan. 28. It ended on Feb. 7 with a winning bid of $99,000. However, Chris tells TMZ eBay is in the process of contacting the bidder to confirm he/she is, in fact, serious. If not, eBay will move on to the next highest bidder, but since multiple bids were more than $90K, he isn’t too worried about getting his cash.


Don’t worry, Chris isn’t blowing $99K on a cruise or trip to Vegas—he plans on splitting the cash with a coworker and making a donation in Harambe’s name to an animal rights organization.

May the gorilla’s legacy live on.