Watch the moment that has everyone ugly crying.


In case you missed tonight’s mind-blowing Grammy Awards, allow us to recount the beautiful love story that unfolded between Beyoncé and Adele. After winning Song of the Year earlier in the night, Adele took the stage to win Record of the Year and told Beyoncé she wanted her to be her mommy, because of course she does.

But when Adele returned to the stage to win the night’s biggest award, Album of the Year, she turned her acceptance speech into a tearful tribute and said:

“I can’t possibly accept this award. This Lemonade album was so monumental and so thought out and so beautiful and so soul baring..,The way you make me and my friends feel…The way you make my black friends feel is so empowering. I love you. I always have and I always will.”

Beyoncé responded with lots of loving affirmations and the two matriarchs raised each other up until the entire internet was ugly crying.

Women are wonderful indeed.