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Ethereal goddess status, here we come.

Metallic flash tattoos were seen everywhere from the runways to music festivals this summer. But with a new season comes a new trend: dried flower tattoos. This fresh floral accessory is simple to execute and extremely customizable so get ready to see them everywhere in fall fashion.

What you’ll need:

  • An assortment of flowers
  • Eyelash glue
  • 2 plates
  • Paper towel
  • A microwave

How to do it:

To dry the flowers:

  1. First, you’ll need to pick the flowers from the stems and dry them
  2. Lay your flowers out ‘open side down’ on a paper-towel-lined plate
  3. Cover with another paper towel and stack another plate on top
  4. Pop it all in the microwave for about 30-seconds
  5. Carefully remove them from the paper towel immediately after microwaving (you can use tweezers if you like) and place right-side-up on another paper towel

To adhere the flowers:

  1. Plan a flower pattern with your buds
  2. Spread eyelash glue on the area you want to place a flower (work with one large bud at a time so the glue doesn’t dry up) and apply
  3. If the edges are not totally secure, use the eyelash glue like Mod Podge to ‘decoupage’ it onto your skin
  4. (Optional) Seal the entire design with hairspray when you’re finished

Note: Thanks to the eyelash glue, your tattoo will be very stuck on, so when it comes time to remove them and plain elbow grease isn’t working, try olive oil or baby oil to loosen them up.

All images from That Cheap Bitch