Grey hair isn’t just for Grandmas anymore?—?the smoky hue has been a favorite in the fashion and celebrity worlds in recent years. From Lady Gaga to Ellie Goulding, stars have experimented with the silvery look.

While there’s been different variations of grey hair over the years—most recently this stunning lilac tint—there’s a new trend that’s going to be huge this fall: grey ombré.

Check it out: “grombre” is totally the new ‘it’ hair trend.

The dark base and silvery ends put an edgy spin on grey hair.

The icy tone is also perfect for fall and winter.

The best part? No matter your natural hair color, everyone can pull it off.

Yes, even dark-haired ladies can embrace it.

You can even experiment with purple-y tints on the ends for a dramatic fade.

Or, you can go super subtle.

No matter how you decide to rock it, this hot hue is effing amazzzzing.

h/t: PopSugar