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Who’s got spirit?! These movies do!

Here are 12 movies all currently streaming on Netflix (trust me; I double- and triple-checked) that will totally help get you into the back-to-school spirit:

1. “Grease”


Grease is the word! Seriously, “Grease” has pretty much everything you could want in a back-to-school movie: romance, music, comedy, big hair, and amazing costumes. Plus, if “Beauty School Dropout” doesn’t bring a smile to your face then nothing will!

Click here if “Grease” is the one that you want…to watch.

BONUS: Netflix also has Grease: Live, the 2016 live-television adaptation starring Julianne Hough, Aaron Tveit and Vanessa Hudgens.

2. “Mean Girls”

“Mean Girls”

Can you guys believe it’s been well over a decade since “Mean Girls” came out? Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday that we were watching Cady take on her first day at a public school. Anyway, this timeless film is totally fetch, and is worth watching pretty much whenever you want to laugh.

Click here to make fetch—and movie night—happen.

3. “Heathers”


You guys, I’m going to confess something: I’ve never actually seen “Heathers.” However, my husband refers to it as the “Mean Girls” of the late 80s so I obviously wanted to include it on this list. I mean, just look at those fierce shoulder pads! Plus, it features Winona Ryder in one of her OG It-Girl roles, two decades before she rocked our summer as Joyce in ‘Stranger Things.’

Click here to watch “Heathers” on Netflix.

4. “Bring It On”

“Bring It On”

“Bring It On” is probably the most iconic cheerleading movie of all time. The film stars Kirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku, Jesse Bradford, and Gabrielle Union as cheerleaders (duh), fiercely competing for a national title. It’s full of drama, sassy comebacks and some insanely good choreographed cheer routines.

Click here to bring back “Bring It On.”

5. “Back to the Future”

“Back to the Future”

OK, I know that when people think of back-to-school movies, “Back to the Future” doesn’t always come to mind right away. But remember, the first “Back to the Future” movie followed Michael J. Fox as he travels back to the 50s, then goes to high school (and prom) with his parents. (It was the sequel, “Back to the Future Part II,” that featured him traveling to 2015.)

Click here to watch “Back to the Future” on Netflix.

Bonus: Though not at all back-to-school themed, “Back to the Future Part II” and “Back to the Future Part III” are also streaming on Netflix.

6. “Clueless”


There aren’t really words to describe “Clueless” in a way that would properly do the film justice. It’s hilarious, thought-provoking and goddamn timeless. Plus, the plot is a modernized take on Jane Austen’s “Emma,” which—if you’re lucky—you’ll have to read in class sometime.

As if you could wait any longer to watch, click here.

7. “Can’t Hardly Wait”

“Can’t Hardly Wait”

“Can’t Hardly Wait” primarily takes place during a graduation party as a group of friends from Philadelphia prepare themselves for life post-high school. Apparently the filmmakers had felt that the best scenes in most teen films were the party scenes, and decided to make a movie that was almost entirely set at a party. The result? A hilarious teen film filled with booze, sex and good music!

Click here if you, erm, “Can’t Hardly Wait” to watch.

8. “Varsity Blues”

“Varsity Blues”

If you’re into football and whipped-cream bikinis then “Varsity Blues” could be right up your alley. Although it’s not one of my personal favorites, “Varsity Blues” is a coming-of-age, teen-sports drama beloved by many. So, go Coyotes!

Click here to get your Van Der Beek on.

9. “High School Musical”

“High School Musical”

This Disney Channel original movie made Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Tisdale household names. And for good reason…the movie is epic! It’s got Disney-friendly high school drama, some might say “cheesy” musical numbers, and killer dance routines.

Click here to watch “High School Musical” on Netflix.

10. “Can’t Buy Me Love”

“Can’t Buy Me Love”

“Can’t Buy Me Love” is another classic teen film from the late 80s. It stars Patrick Dempsey as a nerd who pays a cheerleader (played by the late Amanda Peterson) a thousand bucks to pretend to date him so that he can become popular. What could possibly go wrong?

Click here to watch “Can’t Buy Me Love” on Netflix.

11. “Superstar”


Molly Shannon’s iconic portrayal of Mary Katherine Gallagher will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the most hilarious performances of an adult playing a teenager, ever. “Superstar” will have you literally rolling on the floor laughing your ass off. Yeah, it’s that good.

Click here to watch “Superstar” on Netflix.

12. “A Walk to Remember”

“A Walk to Remember”

If you’re in the mood for something sad, and are hoping for a good cry, then watch “A Walk to Remember.” This movie adaptation of the much-beloved Nicholas Sparks novel starring Mandy Moore and Shane West totally makes me tear up. Like, every damn time.

Hurry up and watch, because “Walk” leaves Netflix Sept. 1!