The story alone is mind-blowing.

Good news for fans of HBO and “Breaking Bad.” Creator Vince Gilligan is teaming up with the prodigious network once again—this time, to provide viewers with a look into 1978 Jonestown, a city in Guyana inhabited by one of the deadliest cults in history.

In November of 1978, over 900 Americans inhabited a remote city in Guyana under the direction of Jim Jones, their deranged communist cult leader. The entire group died as a result of cyanide poisoning, which was administered in line with Jones’ desire to commit ‘revolutionary suicide.’ Most of these Americans were part of the Jones-run People’s Temple, which hid under the mask of religious institution, but served as a vehicle for Jones’ communist-utopian ideals.

Gilligan is in the midst of writing a series focusing on the story of journalist Tim Reiterman, who flew to Jonestown to investigate the society—almost getting killed himself. Upon trying to leave Jonestown, four Americans—including one U.S. congressmen—were murdered by the People’s Temple armed security team. After Reiterman escaped, he recounted his tale in a novel ‘Raven,” which will also serve as the name of the new HBO series.

Gilligan will be accompanied by esteemed director Michelle MacLaren who’s directed blockbusters like “Game of Thrones.” Based on the disturbing content matter and the talent behind the production, this series has a lot of potential.

“Raven” is still awaiting a release date and casting which begs the question: who will play Jim Jones?