Danger or trouble, she’s there on the double.

Here’s the sitch: Disney just announced it’s casting for a live-action “Kim Possible” movie, and fans of the feisty feminist superhero are pumped. 

Disney announced the news on Instagram and posed a question to fans: Who do you think should play Kim?

As you might expect, the internet has a few ideas.

First, let’s start with the redheads. Whoever suggested “Riverdale’s” Madelaine Petsch is definitely onto something. The internet took notice and is now obsessed with the idea.


Others are throwing “Shadowhunter’s” Kat McNamara in the ring. And we can see why — Kat already has Kim’s signature style down pat. 

Was this picture taken on Halloween? Or did Kat have a premonition of a Kim Possible movie and just decide to start dressing the part? Either way, the similarities are striking.

The great ideas don’t stop there, though. How about Meg Donnelly from “American Housewife” as Kim and “Teen Wolf’s” Froy Gutierrez as Kim’s BFF-turned-BF, Ron Stoppable?

Further suggestions for the starring role, courtesy of the internet’s boundless genius: Yara Shahidi, star of “Black-ish” and “Grown-ish.”

…or how about Zendaya?

People had ideas about the supporting cast, too. For the role of Kim’s arch enemy, Shego, one Twitter user suggested Megan Fox.

And to this user, there’s only one clear choice to play Rufus, Ron’s naked mole rat:


Frankly, nothing feels more right.

“Kim Possible” aired on Disney from 2002 to 2007. It was a hit that spawned two original animated movies and snagged an Emmy nomination in 2003 for outstanding animated program. But even more importantly, it gave us memorable catchphrases like “Booyah” and “What’s the sitch?” — and a very catchy theme song, anchored by the refrain “Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me.”

Personally, we’re hoping the movie will preserve the beeper as Kim’s device of choice. “Call me, text me, if you wanna reach me” just doesn’t have the same ring.