Where do we sign up for the role of Pumbaa?

In 1994, a little film called “The Lion King” was released to the world. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? The film took kids (and adults) on a VERY emotional rollercoaster, grossed $968.8 million worldwide, won two Grammys and nabbed two Academy Awards for Best Original Song and Score. The film went on to inspire a Broadway musical that won six Tony Awards.

Yeah, the film is kind of a big deal. Fortunately, Walt Disney Studios also thinks the film is a big deal and they’re making it into a live-action movie (!!!).

With the success of Disney’s recent live-action films and the anticipation surrounding the upcoming “Beauty and the Beast” film, it’s no surprise the company chose “The Lion King” to be its next big blockbuster. In equally good news, Disney brought “The Jungle Book” (2016) director Jon Favreau on board to work on it.

If it’s anything like Favreau’s most recent live-action remake, this version of “The Lion King” will be action packed and keep us on the edge of our seats. Seriously, think about it—seeing Mufasa’s death scene in a more realistic way? *shudders*

Disney hasn’t revealed the film’s release date, but we’re crossing our fingers that we’ll be feeling the love tonight (and belting “Hakuna Matata” without the judgement of others) pretty soon.