They’re called ‘death noodles’ for a reason.

I’ve heard of certain dishes being so spicy, your nose might star to run—but I’ve never heard of something being so spicy that it affects your sense of hearing. Well, apparently, that is what happened to one 22-year-old chef from London.

While traveling around Indonesia, British chef Ben Sumadiwiria stumbled across a local dish widely considered to be “the world’s hottest noodles.” To give you an idea of just how spicy these noodles really are, the sauce contains 100 bird’s eye chilies—making it 4,000 times spicier than Tabasco sauce, according to the Scoville Scale of spiciness.

If that isn’t convincing enough, the dish is referred to as “death noodles.” And, after watching Sumadiwiria bravely try to take down the dish, we now know why.

Let’s go to the tape:

My dude over here is just not in good shape after “toasting” chopsticks with his mate and attempting to eat the dish. Seconds after putting down that first mouthful, it seemed like Sumadiwiria entered a “world of pain.”

According to Sumadiwiria, eating this dish will bring on “the worst feeling you will ever have in your life.” To put that in perspective, he temporarily went deaf for a couple minutes after eating the ‘death noodles.’ As Nicola Bartlett reports for Mirror Online, Sumadiwiria’s mouth was hot for “hours” and required over a half dozen glasses of water and a couple milkshakes to try and it cool down.

Oh yeah, he threw up in the street a bunch of times, too.