Chipotle, the deadbeat dad of chain restaurants, is trying to win back your love and affection with promises of free beer and margaritas. That is, if you live in one of the select states where the company is allowed to serve alcohol.

Up until 2015, Chipotle was the It-Girl of the quick service restaurant industry. Then a spate of E. coli and other food-borne illnesses ravaged the restaurant’s previously spotless reputation. Now, the company is trying to salvage the pieces of their once pristine empire by getting you drunk enough to forget their past indiscretions. You know, just like Dad used to do.

The promotion, which is called Happy Four Hours lasts from 4-8 p.m. and is available in 300 of the company’s restaurants, but the specifics vary based on location.

Chicago, Kentucky, Ohio and Wisconsin residents can only imbibe cheaply on Thursdays, whereas people in Colorado, Iowa (but not Iowa City), Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska can drink up every day of the week. And if you don’t live in any of the aforementioned locations, you’re straight out of luck, at least for now.

Happy Four Hours comes on the heels of previous Chipotle promotions, all of which were designed to seduce customers into giving the food another try. In April, the chain gave away free burritos to teachers. In May, there were free burritos for nurses. In June they launched their customer rewards program, Chiptopia. And earlier this month, there was a competition to award three recipients free burritos for a year.

Truly, Chipotle has done everything short of standing outside your bedroom window with a Boom Box, blasting Aerosmith, and begging you to take them back. And who knows?—?that might be their PR plan for later this year.

Happy Four Hours is a regional promotion that is slated to run in specific locations through the end of September. To confirm which drink specials are available in your area, you can visit the store’s website. Or go there in person…if you dare.