It’s a new-age version of watching the O.J. Simpson chase, honestly.

TMZ first reported that police are investigating an incident at Chris Brown’s house, after a woman alleges the singer threatened her with a gun following an argument over jewelry. Police showed up to the troubled singer’s home this morning to investigate the situation, but he denied access, requesting that the police bring a search warrant before coming in.

Investigators from LAPD’s Robbery/Homicide division are currently outside of Brown’s home, waiting for the singer to cooperate. In an update from TMZ, Brown allegedly threw a duffle bag from his window and police officers recovered a gun and drugs from the bag.

Since then, several news outlets have been streaming the standoff between the singer and LAPD. In summary: it’s a mad house over there.

In a weird turn of events, Chris Brown took to Instagram to rant about what’s been going on in realtime, saying that he is innocent and hasn’t done anything wrong. He believes that this is a publicity stunt aimed to tarnish his already-damaged reputation further. Brown appears to be relaxing at home in a robe, unbothered by the police officers’ presence. He even makes jokes, telling haters to “suck the fart out of my *ss.”

Warning: the videos are very vulgar.

Singer Ray J was at Brown’s house when the alleged altercation happened and also took to Instagram to voice his support of Chris Brown during this chaotic time. He claims that the police and news media are “taking a false story and blowing it up.”

Brown’s faced scrutiny over the past seven years from his attack on ex-girlfriend Rihanna and the anger management issues that followed the event. Many of Brown’s fans have pointed out that he has changed since the birth of his daughter, and has been trying to stay out of the media for the past two years.

So far, there’s been no resolution to the investigation and Brown is still in a standoff with police.