Fashion has no size limits.

With all the current commotion in the fashion industry over being a certain (ahem, small) size, designers like Christian Siriano are here to include and embrace all sizes in the fashion world.

Siriano, a plus-size advocate, debuted his Spring/Summer 2017 collection at New York Fashion Week on Sept. 11. The best part? He had not just one plus-size model walk the runway, but five. Amazing!????????


Models Georgia Pratt, Precious Lee, Marquita Pring, Alessandra Garcia and Sabina Karlsson modeled his “holiday-in-Capri” theme, which included gorgeous, curve-hugging dresses. The elegant designs looked incredible on all body types, proving that all sizes really are beautiful.

During the casting process, Siriano saw 450 models but knew he wanted plus-size women in his show, according to an interview with Glamour.

“I think it’s worked because I’m just into women?—?and for my design, it’s all about the body,” he told the mag. “I also grew up with a mom who was a size 16, 18, so it wasn’t new to me to have a voluptuous woman in my life. And my sister’s a size 00. I had the two total extremes, and now I see that everywhere.” Yes, yes, YESS!


Siriano’s NYFW show is also inspiring folks on Twitter.

Siriano made headlines this summer when he offered to dress Leslie Jones for the “Ghostbusters” premiere after other designers allegedly refused due to her larger size. He also designed a custom wedding dress for plus-size fashion blogger Nicolette Mason and even has a plus-size collection for Lane Bryant.

Between Siriano embracing women of all sizes in the industry and Tim Gunn’s candid essay about the fashion industry turning its back on plus-size women, it seems like we’re finally on our way to extinguishing “sizeism” once and for all. Props to you, Siriano.