Let’s talk about poop, baby.

Most of us can agree that poop is one of the least sexy things on the planet.

NBC — ‘Saturday Night Live’

The thing is, though, nothing makes a relationship stronger than freely talking about your bowel habits with your significant other.

Comedy Central — ‘Broad City’

Let’s cut the crap—everyone poops.

You and your best friend laugh about your gross bathroom habits, and she still won’t let you live down that one time you got diarrhea in third grade after eating too many Gushers.

So why do some couples shy away from talking about poop? Your significant other is literally supposed to love and accept you (and your nasty AF bathroom habits) no matter what, right? Well, some people are uptight and like to pretend poop doesn’t exist, while others just find it gross to talk about with the people they find sexy.

But it turns out, couples that can have an honest conversation about their bathroom habits are the happiest couples—and it totally makes sense.

1. Having the poop conversation means you and your partner can be completely yourselves around each other

FOX — ‘New Girl’

There’s nothing more important in a relationship than being able to talk about whatever the hell you want to talk about, without worrying about offending or grossing out your partner. I’m not saying you should talk about your poop being green after eating Burger King’s black Whopper, but if that flies, then by all means, talk about it! But if you’re in the bathroom for 10 minutes and come out pretending like it’s NBD, there’s then an awkward elephant in the room.

Of course, timing is very important with this conversation. I wouldn’t suggest bringing up how you dropped a huge deuce at work today right after sexy time.

2. You can laugh about it, and countless studies prove that laughter makes for stronger relationships

NBC — ‘Saturday Night Live’

A study published in the Romantic Journal says that couples who giggle have “higher quality” relationships, as laughing reinforces those lovey-dovey feelings. Laughing with your S.O. is also indicative of a supportive relationship because it helps both people feel closer to each other.

So, why not talk about the time you pooped at your date’s house and couldn’t flush the toilet, so you fished the piece of poo out and stuck it in your purse? You’ll feel wayyyy more connected to your partner after that one!

3. Being honest about your bathroom habits encourages honesty in other aspects of your relationship

Nickelodeon — ‘Victorious’

Obviously, the key to any relationship is honesty and trust. Being sincere and open with your partner makes for better communication. So just think: If you can tell your partner everything about your day, what you ate, who you can’t stand, and when you’re going to have your next poop, just think of how easy everything else will be! You’ll never have to hold anything back again.

So have “the talk” sooner rather than later. You’ll be liberated—physically and metaphorically—once and for all.