The Merc with a Mouth returns to theaters May 18.


I saw “Deadpool” in theaters with two girlfriends. We bought a ticket for one movie but saw two. That’s right, my grown-up lady pals convinced me to sneak into a movie, like we were teenage hellions just chasing the thrill of breaking rules.

The first movie we saw was “How To Be Single,” a 2016 flop starring Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson and Alison Brie that was so forgettable, I just had to google Johnson’s name to remember the film title.

The second movie was “Deadpool.” Going into it, I was wholly uninterested. I don’t know my Marvels from my DCs, my X-Men from my…something else. To me, Wolverine is a furry, menacing mammal and Captain Marvel is probably the name of a clown you hire for your kid’s birthday party.

Then the opening credits began.

“Deadpool’s” opening sequence overlays a bloody car chase with a series of sardonic credits. We find out the movie stars “A Hot Chick,” will feature “A Gratuitous Cameo” and was directed by “An Overpaid Tool.”

It was impossible not to be charmed by the film’s knowing, self-referential humor, combined with Ryan Reynolds’ pitch-perfect delivery of Deadpool’s (endless) sarcastic quips. Not one is spared Deadpool’s barbed insults — not even Blind Al, his senior citizen roommate, whom he forces to assemble IKEA furniture without his help.

So! You can imagine how I giggled when I saw the first teaser trailer for “Deadpool 2,” featuring our antihero in a Bob Ross costume and wig, mixing “yellow snow” with “Betty White” on an artist’s palette in order to paint his happy little trees.

But that teaser came out in December, and we hadn’t seen anything else about the movie.

…Until the full trailer dropped this week.

Although the Bob Ross sendup was funny, the full trailer is much more satisfying in the way of giving us a fuller glimpse into what “Deadpool 2” is all about. The trailer introduces Josh Brolin’s Cable, a time-traveling warrior, in more fully realized way.

Also, is that Terry Crews?! Hell yes, it’s Terry Crews!

There’s speculation that Crews will portray GW Bridge, an old pal of Cable’s, though it’s not confirmed.

Along for the ride are Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Blind Al (bless her), and kid actor Julian Dennison — though it’s not clear yet what his role is.

Also this week, the “Deadpool 2” team dropped a movie poster that parodies “Flashdance.”

Oh, what a feeling! I can’t wait for May 18.