10/10 must watch.


Tom and Ellen are SUBLIME.

The actors improvised a scene between Tom’s iconic Pixar character, Woody, and Ellen’s character, Dory, on Ellen’s show. The performance was pure joy.

Hanks, who’s working on “Toy Story 4,” described a game he likes to play with children who don’t recognize his face. He’ll ask them to close their eyes and then he’ll say something like, “THERE’S A SNAKE IN MY BOOT.” At that, kids will shout in recognition,“Woody! Woody!” He gave the audience a little taste of his experiment.

Hanks and Ellen described their interaction as a “Pixar-Off.” Woody shouted about his lost cowboy hat, while dopey Dory tried (and then forgot) to help.

This is a movie I would watch.


Anyone else now jonesing for a Hanks and DeGeneres collab?